What We Do

TrinityP3 has one ambition: to improve the marketing performance and productivity of every single business that engages us. It’s how we have delivered value to our clients for more than 20 years.

We define and solve challenges relating to marketing team structure and operations, marketing cost, value and outputs, marketing transformation, and marketing suppliers (such as agencies).

We also work directly with agencies to help them to deliver on their growth ambitions.

We work with leaders and teams from the C-Suite, from marketing, from procurement and from agencies. We are here to set you up for even greater success.

The way we achieve this can be seen across four advisory practices.

Marketing Operations Practice – Optimising internal operations strategy, structure, processes, and capabilities

Marketing Supplier Practice – Optimising agency performance, fees, contracts, value, search, and selection

Media Practice – Optimising media and agency performance and value

Agency Advisory Practice – Optimising agency growth.

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