Sustainable Marketing Assessment

Our Sustainable Marketing Assessment provides a detailed evaluation of how your marketing strategy aligns with the required sustainability policy of your organisation. 

Why do you need this service? Read on to understand more.

Environmental sustainability will only become more important

Climate change is a mainstream social and political topic. It is increasingly becoming an everyday business issue that will affect your marketing communications. Whether it is affecting your bottom line directly or it becomes a corporate reputation and brand risk, your communication strategy and how it reflects your business’s sustainability policy will be one of the keys to future success.

Developing an environmentally sustainable position takes time and planning

Understanding your organizational alignment with environmental sustainability is one thing. Planning to fix any problems when marketing budgets are set annually is another.

Having a clear picture of your current marketing communication alignment today means you can make longer-term plans for tomorrow. Environmental positioning to early will not damage your business: it will improve your corporate value, both financially as well as environmentally.

Are you genuine – really genuine – in practice as well as policy?

The topic of environmental sustainability is delicate to many consumers. With the power to investigate any brand or organisation at the click of a button, any organisation who claims an environmentally sustainable position needs to be completely genuine. Gaps between positioning and reality can translate into negative reaction and backlash.

Your environmental policy may be in place. Your communications plan to promote them could be active. But are you as an organization doing all you can to understand and reduce your own environmental footprint?

Do your policies and governance models have the structure to allow marketing to also set and achieve lasting environmental improvements in all aspects of the marketing strategy and purchasing areas?

What questions should you be asking in a tender that really help you understand the suppliers’ environmental credibility?

We work with you to demystify sustainability and how to apply it to your communications

Our Sustainable Marketing Assessment service, delivered by consultants with significant specialist expertise, is focused on following core components.

  • Measurement of the health and alignment of your marketing strategy against the businesses’ Sustainable policy, or helps you set one.
  • Evaluation of the input, and capacity and reporting requirements both internally and with third party suppliers & partners
  • Reporting on choke points, inefficiencies, duplication, shortcomings and lost opportunities both internally and externally.
  • Recommendation of strategies designed to improve and optimize your sustainable objectives.

Don’t be left behind. Make plans now to get ahead of the environmental curve.

Contact us here to arrange an initial conversation about how much this service could change your outputs for the better. We’d love to help.

If required, TrinityP3 also offers a Sustainable Transition Management service to help all members of marketing and procurement to understand and implement change – either directly resulting from the Sustainable Marketing Assessment, or from an internal process of your own. For more information on the Sustainable Transition Management service, click here.

Sustainable Marketing Management

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