Agency Roster Alignment Services

Agency Roster
Alignment Services

We can work with you to
implement the changes.

Operating with many agencies in a roster can be distracting.

There are multiple contracts, relationships and scopes of work or services to manage.

Your agencies may find it hard to work together, resulting in disjointed, weakened strategies and outputs. Elements of operation and process might be sub-optimal and not generating enough value. And some of your agencies may not even be fit for purpose.

Our extensive and multi-disciplinary agency experience is, quite simply, second to none. In agency roster alignment work, we take an in depth look at your current roster – its structure, performance, and effectiveness.

Using detailed discovery and diagnosis, we assess the roster in context of best practice and make change recommendations tailored to specific commercial objectives and vision for how things need to work now and into the future.

We can build a bespoke roster model to implement or offer a selection of ‘tried and trusted’ roster models we have built for others.You can then choose to implement the chosen roster model yourself.

Or we can work with you to implement the changes, whether that be communicating findings to your executive, finding new agencies, shaping new documentation (scope of works, engagement or process agreements outlining changes in deliverables for your existing agencies), negotiating the commercial terms, or structuring initiatives that will enable you and your agencies to execute on the success vision we’ve developed.

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Customer satisfaction is the goal with every project. Below are just some of the things clients have had to say about working with TrinityP3. Click here to read more Client Testimonials. And because positive client and agency relationships are integral to what we do, make sure you also read our Agency Testimonials.

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We blend quantitative and qualitative assessment that encompasses everything from operations, through to people and culture, outputs and commercial agreements. Using this assessment as the foundation, we can then provide alternative structural recommendations designed to improve the effectiveness of your roster. To build a full picture of roster effectiveness, it is critical that we understand not just how your agencies are performing, but how your team is performing with your agencies.

We have developed panel-based rosters, hybrid inhouse/outsourced rosters, lead-agency rosters, tiered rosters, blended rosters and 'all in one' rosters. What we build with you is completely dependent on your needs, your current situation, and feasibility. No one solution is ever identical to another.

In depth quantitative and qualitative assessment of current state, two-way evaluation of challenges and opportunities in process, culture, structure and capability, understanding your strategic objectives, compliance and regulatory requirements, developing future-proofed or refreshed scope of works and services...these are just some of the factors we need to take into account. And we will always provide two to three options for you to consider.

The first thing to gain is detailed understanding of current and desired scope of works and scope of services. Secondly, we establish with you preferred remuneration and resourcing methods, of which there are several. Third, we conduct quantitative evaluation of your current cost structure, using our proprietary benchmarking data.

When designing or reinvigorating agency rosters, intra-agency collaboration is always something we will explore in current state, before making change recommendations (often operational) designed to improve. Often, such recommendations are accoompanied with KPI commitments, and the instigation of ongoing review and assessment via our Evalu8ing platform.

In short, whenever you need it. From a relationship and performance perspective, our Evalu8ing tool can deliver quarterly assessment. From a commercial and contractual perspective, we generally recommend annual review.

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