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Why use Ad Cost Checker?


Are you paying too much? Or too little?

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Takes 10 minutes

Takes less than ten minutes to download the report.

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100s of roles

All major advertising disciplines available.

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1,000s of sources

Statistically significant database results.

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Calculate & benchmark agency rates

Ad Cost Checker is an advertising cost benchmarking calculator that allows you to statistically benchmark the hour rates and fees for creative, media, digital, social, design and advertising production.

At the core of the Ad Cost Checker is an extensive database of agency rates and industry costs collected and used by TrinityP3 in our consultancy practice across a wide range of agencies and advertisers across all major categories and a wide range of spend and budget sizes.

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Adcost Checker is ideal for:

  • Advertising agencies wanting to check their rates against the market.
  • Advertisers wanting to determine where various agencies benchmark against their competitors.
  • Procurement professionals wanting to independently benchmark their current or proposed agency rates.

Easy to use, flexible and accurate

Tailored to your requirements

Benchmarks are obviously dependent on the role or cost centre selected.

But they are also dependent on the size and ownership of the agency and the size and relationship with the client.

This is designated at small, medium and large, independent or network agency and local or multinational corporation advertiser.

The analysis of the data we have collected and used over 20 years shows that the relationship of agency ownership and size and the relationship type with the type and size of the advertisers impacts on the rates typically charged.

For clients or agencies, Ad Cost Checker is fast, simple to use and provides an accurate independent benchmark.

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Benchmarks available across all major advertising disciplines

Obtain an instant report on how the rates entered compare to the benchmarks within the system. These benchmarks include the following categories:

  • Media Agency
  • Digital Agency
  • Creative Agency
  • Social Agency
  • Design Agency
  • Advertising Production
  • Video and Film Production

To see the specific benchmarks for each of these disciplines, click here. If you want to suggest more possible categories, or benchmarks within categories, simply let us know.

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Instant benchmark report

It takes less than ten minutes to benchmark your agency rates. The process is detailed here.

The basic steps are:

  1. Sign up or sign in.
  2. Pay for the report.
  3. Download and complete the Excel template.
  4. Upload the completed Excel template.
  5. Download the report.

The Ad Cost Checker report provides you with a visual and statistical numeric indication of where the rates entered sit against industry data.

The report also uses the customised titles you use against the industry titles within the system.

To commence assessing your advertising agency rates, simply sign up or login now.

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Why use Ad Cost Checker?

No advertiser wants to be paying more than they should. And no agency wants to lose business because their rates are perceived as too high.

So what do you do? Most people try to benchmark them.

That is why we created the Ad Cost Checker system.

It is an online application driven by a database of all of the data we have collected on agency rates. Currently we have data for more than 20 markets and growing. Across more than several hundred agency rates and costs.

And you can access it now instantly.

Wondering about your agency rates? Then Ad Cost Check it.

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