The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in a Data-Driven World

TrinityP3 is proud to share The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in a Data-Driven World. This definitive guide has over 27,000 words featuring insights, tips, observations, tools, platforms, strategies and much more.

TrinityP3 Senior Consultant Anton Buchner is the author of the vast majority of this work with additional input from Founder & Global CEO Darren Woolley and Content Director Mike Morgan.

Download the guide here.

Marketing Procurement check

Marketing Procurement Health Check

The TrinityP3 ‘Marketing Procurement Health Check’ is designed to allow you to chart your marketing procurement capabilities.

The Health Check was developed for TrinityP3 by David Little, Marketing Procurement professional and a long standing colleague and original client of TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants.

Download the guide here

Production MapTelevision Advertising Production Governance Guide

The television advertising production process is complex and technical. It involves a large number of agreements and contracts with third party companies and individuals. It also involves the creation and procurement of performance rights, intellectual property and any associated moral rights.

From a governance perspective, it is a potential minefield of risk, which is why most organisations and individuals are inclined to default to allowing their contracted agency to manage this on their behalf.

The TrinityP3 ‘Television Advertising Production Governance Guide’ allows advertisers and their organisations to quickly and conveniently identify the areas of risk to good governance and due diligence in your television advertising production process.

Download the guide here