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For more than a decade, marketing has had its costs reduced, while expectations for delivering company growth have grown. Meanwhile technology has been providing greater opportunities and at the same time greater challenges. No wonder marketers are facing more complex problems than ever before.

TrinityP3 has developed new ways to solve these new and complex marketing problems.

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    • The Other Opioid Epidemic: The (Brief) High from Chasing New Business

      The agency CEO asked me not to use his name.  He wanted to talk privately over breakfast.  "You know, this new business thing is getting to be a problem, he said.  "We're addicted to falling in love with our next new client, and the one after that and the one after that.  They will solve all our problems.  We'll do great award-winning work, be well paid, and loved in return … and all the industry crap will disappear.  We'll pour our heart and soul into winning them.  They're coy; both flirtatious and distant, making us want them even more.  We're no better than lovesick teenagers.  And when it goes our way, and we get together and have a wonderful first year, it's true love … before it turns to crap.  We hate the crap.  We would rather be in love.  That's why we love new clients and everything it takes to win them." Are agency-client relationships becoming loveless marriages that end up on the rocks?  Do the divorced partners, free of the ties that bind, become serial daters, falling in and out of love so often that "commitment" sounds boring and dated -- something that was done by their parents in another creative era?  If brands are the children of agency-client relationships, what will happen to them as they're shuttled from one relationship to another? Will they grow and make positive contributions?  Or, more likely, will they underperform (as they are today)? Continue reading

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