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TrinityP3 specialises in providing services to Marketers, Procurement & Agencies. Which are you?

For more than a decade, marketing has had its costs reduced, while expectations for delivering company growth have grown. Meanwhile technology has been providing greater opportunities and at the same time greater challenges. No wonder marketers are facing more complex problems than ever before.

TrinityP3 has developed new ways to solve these new and complex marketing problems.

So what are your major marketing challenges?

No matter what your problem or challenge, we have the solutions and services to provide an informed and robust analytical approach to your marketing needs.

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    • Do Clients Get The Agencies They Deserve?

      You’ve likely heard David Ogilvy’s famous words, ‘clients get the advertising they deserve’ but when it comes to their agencies… do clients get the agencies they deserve? Over the last seven years or so, we’ve done enough marketer problem resolution work and agency searches to be able to answer that question with some conviction. The answer is unequivocally, yes. Invariably, agency relationship challenges can be traced back to their marketing masters and are a reflection of how the agency is being managed. But if you’re reading this with some scepticism and thinking, wait a minute, this is like saying dogs look their owners – consider these behavioural attributes: Continue reading

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