Agency Credentials & Positioning Consultation

Agency Credentials &
Positioning Consultation

One of the biggest challenges facing agencies is their ability to truly differentiate themselves.

Across the various disciplines there are literally thousands of agencies competing in Australia and around the world.

The services these agencies offer, and the blurring of lines between them, continues to grow.

In such a complex and competitive environment, one of the biggest challenges facing agencies is their ability to truly differentiate themselves in their positioning and offering.

This applies to speculative or outbound new business approaches, to agency marketing efforts, and to pitches.

Over the last 20 years, TrinityP3 has seen, observed, worked with, and worked in agencies of all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen them pitch, we’ve seen them succeed, and we’ve seen them challenged. We’ve commented extensively about them in the industry.

In short, our experience and objective advice can help your agency to grow.

Book a simple consultation (one hour or two hours in duration) with a TrinityP3 consultant. You can tailor the session to meet your specific needs. Based on extensive pitching and consultation experience, we can provide honest, forthright, and actionable feedback to help drive improvements in several ways:

  • Style of agency credentials deck/presentation
  • Strength of positioning and proposition
  • Agency positioning statement
  • Market discussion/feedback about your agency’s place in the market
  • SWOT
  • New business strategy/approach
  • Marketing strategy/approach

Interested in improving your business performance?

Our extended consulting services help you improve your new business success rate.

Customer satisfaction is the goal with every project. Below are just some of the things clients have had to say about working with TrinityP3. Click here to read more Client Testimonials. And because positive client and agency relationships are integral to what we do, make sure you also read our Agency Testimonials.

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In our unique role of identifying and solving the big challenges facing marketing management we create a huge catalogue of insights and build our knowledge and wisdom, which we share with the industry.

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Assessing Media Agency Contracts – Case Study

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We offer a variety of services from a single consultation to bespoke workshops. The help we can give you lies in the depth of our experience; our consultants have all run a large number of pitches, all of which have large numbers of agencies involved, and so we've seen a lot of different ways in which agencies present themselves.

If we work with you to establish a proposition, typically we would want to align on a number of territories from which a proposition can be written. We can then further workshop best fit territory, by practicing radical candour with regard to if, in reality, your agency is truly reflected by the statement.

This is something we'd work with you to uncover, but typically we favour an overarching statement which is underpinned by a numerous solid foundations and which therefore has flexibility to adapt to different types of clients.

There are lots of common mistakes, and part of any workshop or consultation session with you would typically involve answering this question. Alternatively, take a look at our blog, which is free includes articles about various aspects of agency positioning and pitching.

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