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Marketing procurement is a
specialist discipline.

Procurement has always been an important function in a business

We find that procurement teams do not always have the same level of exposure to marketing suppliers as to other parts of a business.

Marketing procurement is a specialist discipline. We work with procurement professionals in a number of ways.

As part of

We work with you and your teams in a consultative capacity to ensure that your compliance protocols are upheld; that supplier evaluation is appropriate and tailored; and that you have the correct commercial and financial advice where necessary.


If an incumbent agency requires statutory review of commercial terms, we do the heavy lifting for you, using 20+ years of financial experience and proprietary industry data.


Good agency procurement is about determining value out, as much as it is about cost in. We carry out bespoke procurement consultancy projects or workshops designed to arm your team with the skills necessary to drive best in class agency procurement.

Agency Fees
and Contracts

You may not be about to pitch, but you may need to conduct a review of the incumbent. If so, we offer a range of services that will determine your current position and allow you to assess with complete confidence. Click here to see more. If you’re interested specifically in your media agency, click here for more.


Whether as part of a pitch, a review or a specific circumstance, we work with you to build and deliver an effective negotiation strategy with the agency.

To contact us about our services, or to discuss a tailored project in one or more of these areas.

Customer satisfaction is the goal with every project. Below are just some of the things clients have had to say about working with TrinityP3. Click here to read more Client Testimonials. And because positive client and agency relationships are integral to what we do, make sure you also read our Agency Testimonials.

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In our unique role of identifying and solving the big challenges facing marketing management we create a huge catalogue of insights and build our knowledge and wisdom, which we share with the industry.

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Industrial, Logistics and Commercial Property Asset Manager Digital Transformation

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Our tender process is stage and gate and factors strength of supplier's proposition, people and culture, financial and commercial competitiveness and sustainability, quality of tested outputs and potential value of those outputs, and fitness for the specific context of need in your organisation. We work with every client individually to tailor this approach to need; and we work to fit with your regulatory and compliance conditions as appropriate.

Yes, we can. With over twenty years of continuous experience in procurement of marketing services, we can assess your approach and provide guidance.

We are able to insert any regulatory requirements regarding ethical practice and sustainability into the early vetting stages of a procurement process. This is done in complete alignment with you and discussed up-front, before project commencement.

We are well known for our considered and ethical approach to deliver mutually sustainable agreements between agencies and their clients. The principles we bring to any negotiation are strategic clarity, integrity, respect and sustainability, and when negotiating, we use these principles in every interaction we have. The depth of our remuneration and resourcing assessment provides all the armament needed to develop an aligned approach with you, and then conduct those conversations on your behalf, if you require it.

We cover a range of topics related to best practice in marketing procurement, including supplier procurement process, understanding market context and issues, how to work with marketing teams, supplier assessment, commerical benchmarking, supplier evaluation and account transition.

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