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Managing Marketing podcastsManaging Marketing is a weekly podcast hosted by the marketing subject matter experts at TrinityP3 Global Marketing Management Consultants.

Each podcast is a conversation with a thought-leader, professional or practitioner of marketing and communications on the issues, insights and opportunities in the marketing management category.

Ideal for marketers, advertisers, media and commercial communications professionals.

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Diane Primo

Managing Marketing: Building Purpose Inside The Business

Diane Primo is the CEO of Purpose Brand Agency, an award-winning, Chicago-based public relations, branding and digital marketing firm. She is also the author of ADAPT: Scaling Purpose in a Diversive World. Diane’s focus on impact marketing stems from the belief that brands must be ...
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russ mitchinson

Managing Marketing: Uniting Brand Channels and Content

Russ Mitchinson is the founder and CEO of Rebel Angel Strategy, a company offering unified brand thinking and solutions to ensure a brand's media and messaging are working effectively together. He shares his experience working as a strategist in media, creative and digital agencies, and ...
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Chris Cheng

Managing Marketing: Marketing To The Chinese Market

Chris Cheng is the Managing Director of Jetek Asia Digital, a digital marketing company, expert in developing and implementing digital strategies in the Chinese market. Having worked with many major brands across Australia, the US, the UK, and China, Chris shares his thoughts and insights ...
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James Lawrence

Managing Marketing: How To Become A Smarter Digital Marketer

James Lawrence is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Rocket, a leading Australian digital marketing agency. He is also the co-author of the best-selling business book, Smarter Marketer. James shares his story from graduating as a lawyer from UTS to co-founding, with his brother ...
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St John Craner

Managing Marketing: Marketing And Sales For Agribusiness

St John Craner is the Managing Director of Argraian, an independent agribusiness that helps rural companies win through proven, effective sales and marketing strategies. St John grew up in the farmland of Essex and started his career at McCann in the UK before finding his ...
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Jude Leon Podcast

Managing Marketing: Marketing To Fill The National Blood Supply

Jude Leon is Head of Integrated Marketing at Australian Red Cross Lifeblood - charged with driving marketing to ensure that, amongst other things, national blood stocks are maintained. Jude and David discuss the importance of the organisation, brand marketing in an NFP environment, the complexity ...
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Managing Marketing: Creativity, Purpose And Cheese

Managing Marketing: Creativity, Purpose And Cheese

Jane Burhop and James Crawley are Creative Directors and co-Founders of Common Ventures, a storytelling and digital communications company celebrating ten years in the industry. They share their experiences of starting a new agency and the lessons they have learned along the way. At the ...
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Managing Marketing: The Agency View Of Pitching And Procurement

Anita Zanesco returns to TrinityP3 as a Business Manager following two years of working on the agency side in new business. The experience reminded her of the many challenges and issues agencies face in pitching and had her reflect on the invaluable role pitch consultancy ...
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Managing Marketing: Working in Global Markets and The Future of The Agency

Anathea Ruys is CEO, UM Australia. She is also a very well-travelled professional, having worked in Asia, Australasia and the USA. Anathea talks with David about their shared international experiences and the learnings she’s brought back to Australia with her; the importance of recognising the ...
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Managing Marketing: The Climate Crisis And Creativity

Matt Bray is the founder of Art Disrupt and the Creative Director of Comms declare, an organisation of advertising, marketing, PR and media professionals who understand the power of communications to create a cleaner, safer climate. He talks about the role creativity plays in addressing ...
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Managing Marketing: Marketing Soup, Scotch And Transport Services

Andy Morley is the director of marketing at Uber and Uber Eats, Australia and New Zealand. He was always attracted to marketing, more for the entrepreneurial opportunities, having managed a nightclub while at University. But his formal marketing career included a solid grounding in marketing ...
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Managing Marketing: The Best And Worst Of Agency Timesheets

Nick Hand, the commercially savvy, hands-on agency Finance Director, returns to Managing Marketing to discuss the best and the worse of timesheets. While bemoaned by agency staff, particularly the creative department, they have been an essential tool of the finance department, particularly as the agency ...
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Managing Marketing: Why The Pandemic Was The Best Thing To Happen

Ed Howley is the Creative partner at Melbourne's full-service creative agency, By All Means. Like most advertising agencies, they were negatively impacted by the pandemic, particularly one of the smaller but vibrant independent agencies on the scene. But also because being based in Melbourne they ...
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Drew Baker

Managing Marketing: Websites And How To Make Them Great

Drew Baker is the Technical Director and a partner at Funkhaus, an LA-based digital agency working at the intersection of strategy, design, content, and technology. Drew shares his thoughts on what makes a great website and how important, but challenging it can be to clearly ...
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Managing Marketing: Network, Indie, In-House And Freelance Creative Life

Andrew Fraser is a Creative Director. He is also the founder of “We Meet At Last”, an enterprise where brands go to work directly with creative talent. The concept arose during a career initially in big network agencies, then smaller indie agencies, freelance and then ...
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Managing Marketing: Music, Movies and Media Agency Marketing

Francis Coady is the Chief Marketing Officer at Havas Media Australia, but it is his background in the music and entertainment industry that has shaped his career and his view of building and managing brands. The importance of storytelling and narrative and the strategies to ...
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Managing Marketing: DE&I in agencies and beyond

Nisha Rajamani is a long-standing media agency professional and more recently has served on the Media Federation of Australia’s DE&I Advisory Council. She also happens to be an Australian woman with an Indian cultural heritage. David and Nisha discuss her personal cultural journey, events that ...
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Managing Marketing: Building a New World Agency

Jack Watts is the Global CEO, of Bastion, Australia’s largest independent agency, with offices in the USA, New Zealand and of course Australia. Founded in 2009 by Jack and his brother, they have grown through developing and acquiring a formidable breadth of specialist capabilities across ...
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Managing Marketing: The Power of Curiosity in the Commercial World

Adam Murphy has an extensive career in research, insights and innovation, particularly focusing on the brewing industry. This has led him to founding Curioso, to champion a culture of curiosity in the commercial world. Adam shares his belief in the importance of fostering curiosity within ...
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Managing Marketing: Conscious Capitalism, Workplace Behaviours and the ShEqual Movement

Anne Miles is an entrepreneur, founder of the Suits & Sneakers agency, an industry mentor and outspoken advocate for big issues in marketing and society more broadly. In this wide-ranging discussion, David and Anne talk about everything from professional and personal experiences that have shaped ...
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