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TrinityP3 Infographics: Review our collection on infographics on everything from better briefing to production management and media transparency.

Agency Register: If you’re an advertising agency or media or marketing supplier interested in improving your business performance then you have come to the right place.

TrinityP3 Calculators: Ever wondered how much that head hour rate equates to an annual salary? Simply enter the head hour rate and we will calculate the equivalent annual salary.

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TrinityP3 Publicity: Every interview, story and opinion piece from the day TrinityP3 was founded in 2000 until today is available here.

TrinityP3 Slideshare: Read and review all of the major presentations given by TrinityP3 personnel all catalogued here for you to review.

TrinityP3 White Papers: Download your free TrinityP3 White Papers providing in-depth analysis and advice on the major challenges facing the industry.

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Business Partners: TrinityP3 builds strategic business partnerships in order to service our clients and share our next practise methodologies locally, regionally and globally.

Industry Links: Find all of the web links for marketing, media and advertising in one place and if it is not here let us know here and we will add it.

TrinityP3 Industry Polls: Have your say here and make sure you share the poll with your colleagues and friends on social media so we get the widest representation possible.

TrinityP3 Agency Fee Decision Tree: There are many different agency fee models. Be it for a media agency, creative agency, a digital agency or more. The Agency Fee Decision Tree will help you find the right model.

Evalu8ing – Business Stakeholder & Supplier Relationship Management System: The system used by TrinityP3 and other consultants including Navigare, and more, Evalu8ing goes beyond the prosaic score card check list to provide a multidimensional evaluation system that allows you to measure, manage and maximise the performance of complex business relationships.

Ad Cost CheckerAd Cost Checker is an advertising cost benchmarking calculator that allows you to statistically benchmark the hour rates and fees for creative, media, digital, social, design and advertising production. At the core of the Ad Cost Checker is an extensive database of agency rates and industry costs collected and used by TrinityP3 in our consultancy practice across a wide range of agencies and advertisers across all major categories and a wide range of spend and budget sizes.

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