Agency Commercial Evaluation Services

A few of the more interesting questions we answer for our clients:

What’s required from an agency – the scope of works or scope of services – evolves over time. Often this is due to circumstance, to market or commercial developments. The commercial agreement you hold with your agency often requires review to ensure that it remains competitive and sustainable.

Using 20+ years of experience, with financial consultants specializing in agency agreements, we offer a range of marketing services that deliver you confidence in your commercial arrangement with your agency, along with clear improvement recommendations where necessary, for use in negotiation.

Agency fee benchmarking

We conduct in-depth reviews of current agency remuneration and resourcing, using proprietary industry fee benchmarking data across hundreds of data-points, to identify challenges or opportunities. Everything from major resourcing to incidental unit cost items are covered. And we can negotiate on your behalf with your agency.

Scope of work modelling

Often in an agency agreement, the fee arrangement does not keep up with the changing nature of your required scope. This can lead to cost blow-outs from agencies charging higher ‘out of scope’ fees; or, reduction in agency resourcing due to financial unsustainability. Using your inputs, we develop a bespoke agency scope of works or scope of services that can be used in pitching or development of a new remuneration model.

Agency fee modelling

There are many potential remuneration models; retained, project based, hybrid, performance based. We assess your current model and situation and build a bespoke model for you, capable of significantly improving value. And we can negotiate on your behalf with your agency.

Contractual assessment

As the industry changes, your agency contract needs to evolve, for your own protection and that of your agency. We assess your current document and advise your legal team on recommended amendments, clause inclusions or removal.

In-Housing advisory

In housing of agency services is becoming more common, but often, it’s difficult to know where to start. We provide assessment of what’s possible for you and advice on how to plan and execute a move to in-housed services.

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