“There is only one excuse for a speaker’s asking the attention of his audience: he must have either truth or entertainment for them”. – Dale Carnegie, author of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.

Do you want your event to be remembered?

If you’re looking for a passionate, dynamic, experienced and influential speaker for your marketing conference, event or function, look no further than Darren Woolley.

At TrinityP3, our work often takes us into challenging spaces. We’re not afraid to speak out with thoughts and views; just visit the blog pages on this site to see our content on a wide range of marketing-related topics. As the Founder and Global CEO of TrinityP3, Darren has driven this approach, alongside his colleagues, for the last fifteen years.

Highly experienced, highly credentialed

Darren is at the forefront of industry commentary. He regularly writes, appears in or contributes to radio, trade and national press segments and articles, and speaks at events all over the world. He’s the chairman of the Australian Marketing Institute and has regularly been voted onto ‘most influential marketer’ lists within his native Australia and beyond.

Always entertaining, bold, and with a passion for telling the sometimes uncomfortable truth as he sees it, Darren is capable of igniting your event, provoking discussion, debate and new ways of thinking.

Our horizons are broad

Darren is available for any relevant speaking engagement in any country, ranging from large conferences to intimate gatherings, and can facilitate plenaries and workshops.

If you’re interested in hearing more, please click here to contact Darren.

Feedback & Comments

“In my view, Darren’s presentation was a highlight of the AMSRO Leaders’ Forum. I especially appreciated the way he took his experience in agency/client relationship management and adapted this knowledge to suit our sector. And, as always, his relaxed and charming delivery added greatly to our experience.”
Martin O’Shannessy, CEO Newspoll, President AMSRO

“Feedback to your session was superb.  Your score was one of two of the highest scores we have ever had since commencing these evaluations four years ago.”
Nigel Wardropper, Publisher  Procurement Professional & Event Director CIPSA Conferences

“I believe the workshops were the most interesting and educational part of Spikes 2011. Your workshop is one that is the core issue under discussion at our agency as well as the advertising world in general. Its basically a question of survival – which is why the workshop was very timely and thought provoking and it at least helped the participants in asking the right questions.”
Sayyad Ahmed Masud, Managing Director, Channel 7 Communications Ltd

“I was glad to participate in the great workshop. It was very inspiring. I would love to share them with my colleagues.”
Tina Lin, Innovation Business Division, China Productivity Centre

“As a young and dynamic company, we really appreciated your workshop. It was engaging and it opened up our minds. I am excited to get the info we gathered in the activity.”
Ryan Pronstroller, Creative Director, Provago Creative Marketing Solutions Inc. 

“The workshop during Spikes Asia was a good exercise and made many of us think twice about how creativity was valued.”
Watson Lee, Director, OG8 Asia Pte Ltd

“It was great attending your Spikes Asia workshop.”
Kiran Phat, Managing Director, Xebec

“Thank you once again for such a sensational workshop. It was great to meet industry experts who continue to have enthusiasm for creative work and are determined to show people how to be more upfront and confident about how they brand themselves.”
Charmian Grove, Orientography

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Possible speaking topics

“Pay peanuts get monkeys. Pay cashews get fat monkeys?”
Strategies for agency compensation that deliver results.
“Why is everyone bitching about advertising pitching?”
The good the bad and the ugly of advertising pitches.
“If half your advertising budget is wasted, want to know which half?”
Strategies for turning advertising costs into advertising value.
“The marketing budget is way too important to leave to marketers to manage”
What CFOs and CEOs need to know about advertising spend.
“What is the big idea and how much does it cost”
The financial implications of managing the marketing budget.
“If we learn from our mistakes, why do we keep making them?”
Common mistakes made by marketers with their agencies and how to avoid them.

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