Procurement & Sourcing

In this technology driven world, with ever increasing channels to reach an ever-fragmented audience, procurement are engaging an ever-increasing number of specialist service providers. Managing this complex array of service providers is imperative if procurement are going to increase their effectiveness by maximising the efficiency and efficacy of the marketing plan.

TrinityP3 helps Procurement with:
1. Agency Search & Selection services

Ensure you have the right mix of agencies and service providers both externally and internally, with the right contracts and agreements in place, and the correct level of remuneration / compensation.
2. Agency Engagement & Alignment services

Engage and strategically align your agencies and  service providers to ensure the right remuneration / compensation models, optimizing your end-to-end process, resolving disputes and managing the various relationships.
3. Agency Benchmarking & Monitoring services
Monitor the cost and performance of these relationships to ensure you achieve maximum value by removing duplication and waste and aligning the agency performance to your strategic objectives.

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TrinityP3 has experience across multiple markets, especially through Asia Pacific.
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TrinityP3 has worked with major global clients across a multitude of categories.
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TrinityP3 has the experience, resources, methodology and expertise to:

  1. Advise marketers on strategically aligning their marketing services providers to the strategic requirements of the organization
  2. Make recommendations and implement changes on how marketing service providers are engaged, measured and rewarded for their contribution to marketing results
  3. Provide advice, training and expertise and industry practice to improve the performance of the marketing as a business value driver.

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