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Carbon emission reduction NOT Carbon neutral

Having just returned from the UK it is interesting to reflect on the differences between the approaches to carbon emissions.

In the UK they have had a government who recognized the issue of climate change earlier and therefore legislated to force behavioral change.

While not way ahead of Australia, one of the things that I noticed, and liked, was the growing skepticism towards the carbon neutral claim.

The focus is now on standards for product labeling of emissions.

Consumers can make a choice not only on price and quality but also the amount of emissions the product produces.

These standards require continuous reductions in emissions to maintain their status.

The claiming of being Carbon Neutral without disclosure of what amounts are being offset (produced in the first place!) is frowned upon. As it should be.

Come on Australia get on the front foot and stop running up the carbon neutral flag and congratulating yourselves on a job well done.

Let’s make who can reduce the most a competitive measure in this great capitalistic country of ours.

Instead of who planted the most trees it should be about how has reduced their carbon emissions the most.

It’s about not doing it in the first place stupid.

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    Christopher Sewell is a TrinityP3 Business Director specializing in helping companies understand the environmental impact of their marketing spend. He is also the CEO of The Gaia Partnership who is building an on-line application ‘CO2counter’ to measure carbon emissions in all forms of marketing communications. Read his full bio here

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