Industry joins push for climate change initiatives

Posted and published Monday Oct 19 2009 at The Australian newspaper Media section is a report by Lara Sinclair on the TckTckTck and Hopenhagen.


Check it out.

Have you signed the petition yet?

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One Response to Industry joins push for climate change initiatives

  1. atomitron says:

    Darren have you actually read the Framework Convention on Climate Change? []
    Are you aware that under the guise of "Climate Change" (formerly known as Global warming and subsequently changed because the planet is not actually warming at the moment) the UN plans to create a global government where every facet of human life will be deemed unsustainable and heavily taxed? Are you aware that any nation who is a signatory to this treaty will cede sovereinty to the UN and the constitution of that nation will become completely null and void. Are you aware that in order to get out of the treaty once signed on, would take a unanimous vote by all member nations, and almost impossible scenario?
    Please read the treaty framework, if nothing else read page 18, paragraph 38.
    This is no longer about the environment, it is about total global tyranny. The intelligent and well meaning people of this planet who have been mislead by this abhorrent hoax need to take a step back, and in the face of such damning evidence and re-evaluate their position.
    Kindest regards,

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