4 Responses to 5 ways Agency Account Management can become indispensable again

  1. Donna says:

    Anita, I feel compelled to comment on your article. It’s a refreshing and accurate summary of the Account Management profession and very timely when it seems so many are leaving it for the perceived greener pastures of client-side marketing.
    I’m passionate about this profession and like you, would love to see it firing in this country. I’m from NZ and feel there is a distinct difference (from my experience) in the role of account management in this country versus my native one.
    Your points are concise, they’re well-written and above all, they’re right.

    • Anita Zanesco says:

      Thank you so much Donna. What a positive response. I hope between people like you and me we can find ways to make a difference and lift the standard and profile of Account Management. With the right calibre of people in place at agencies, working in partnership with clients, it can only help the communications industry as a whole.

  2. interlgroup says:

    Hi Anita
    thanks you for the very well written article , what strikes me most is that your passion really comes though. It is nice to see that Donna is also passionate about this as well .

    I really like the "5 ways to reinvigorate the role" section –

  3. Kerrie Ryan says:

    Hi Anita,
    Loved the article! Interesting debate looming here about what's in a name 'account management versus project managers' and the appropriate definition, role and KPI's for each. One thing is for sure – our agency approach is to start where others stop and to do that it's vital we foster an account management team full of curious thinkers and not just doers. This article makes me think more critically about our current job descriptions and as client budgets tighten it's important that those account management suits sitting at the table are firing! I think my training budget just doubled. Thanks.

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