Media Buying Benchmarking

TrinityP3 has made a decision as a business to no longer offer media buying benchmarking. We are phasing out the service over time, as we complete existing projects. In order to evolve with the increasing complexity of media agency operations, we now offer a comprehensive Media Transparency, Performance & Value (TPV) Assessment. Please click here to learn more about the TPV; alternatively, read on to understand more about why we’re making this change.

Historically, assessment of media agencies has often focused on end cost of media bought, mostly across television.

As the media landscape and media agencies evolve, we believe this approach to be increasingly myopic, and therefore irrelevant, to a true understanding of agency performance and output.

The value attributable to media cost is becoming more complex to ascertain – and as a result, we believe that current media audit methods are increasingly flawed.

In addition, as technology makes media more accountable, marketers are becoming less focused cost in, more on ROMI out, which negates the necessity of a comparative assessment of base cost.

And then there’s the question of media consumption. Consumers can now access content in so many ways that benchmarking against a pool of TV advertisers no longer carries the strength it once did.

Media agencies are buying multiple screens; they are collaborating with you to maximise not just paid, but owned and earned assets. They are embarking on ever-more complex trading methods, using more automation than ever before to determine which inventory to buy. In the digital space, biddable media via Demand Side Platform technology is becoming the norm.

With this level of complexity, how can a media audit of ratings and cost possibly carry sufficient weight? It’s interesting to us that even the father of media auditing agrees that media auditing no longer delivers.

We could continue to offer media buying benchmarking, but we believe that ultimately, there are better ways for us to offer you value.

We believe that end-cost is just one facet of what a media agency does. It’s important, for sure, but the data that determines media cost ultimately comes from the media agency itself. How the agency processes and acquires such information is often of more importance.

We believe that a more holistic assessment of media process, strategic input, executional strength, results measurement and transparency, and contractual strength offers more understanding to you, the end user.

That’s why we’ve developed our Media Transparency, Performance & Value Assessment service – to truly understand the value your agency is providing, and where it could be optimised.

For more details about our Media Transparency, Performance & Value Assessment service, click here. Or, to find out how to talk to a real person, click here. We’d love to help.

Measuring advertising media value

Here, Ulrich Loechner, Senior Manager Media, Daimler AG, Germany; Darren Woolley, Founder and CEO, TrinityP3; and Mike Bambrick, ED Client Services, Intergration, share their insights from the WFA Global Marketer Week 2013 by answering the following questions:

  1. How do we determine media value?
  2. Is transparency important?
  3. What measures do you use?

Media audits? No they are not really audits

Here, Darren Woolley shows how media benchmarking is so often confused with media audits, and how TrinityP3 can help you determine if you are getting good media value, if your media agency is compliant with your contract and transparent in their dealing with you.