Agency Solutions

If you’re an advertising agency or media or marketing supplier interested in improving your business performance then you have come to the right place.

TrinityP3 manages an increasing number of agency reviews across the globe. As a result, we are being asked to assist marketers in restructuring their internal operations. From this often comes a requirement to review the agency roster to look for suitable candidates. So, to maintain our already broad knowledge of the agency landscape, we invite agencies to register and then regularly update their details on our TrinityP3 Agency Register. This free service gives us a basic and current understanding of your business offering.

To help maintain the high level of expectations of marketers, we extend our consulting services to agencies that are looking to improve their new business success rate.

These extended services include the following:

  1. A Consultant Visit to review your  ‘Agency Register’ information. This will deepen our understanding of your agency’s culture and offering.
  2. A Credentials Review. Working constantly with leading marketers gives us an up-to-date insight into what is good, bad and irrelevant to our clients. We assess your credentials against that industry knowledge using our 10-point credentials presentation checklist.
  3. A Market Discussion. TrinityP3’s up-to-the-minute point of view on what is currently happening in the market, what trends we are seeing and what we see marketers looking for from their agencies in the future.
  4. IMAA Member Exclusive Workshops. A 7-hour ‘one one-on-one’ deep dive into the agency – who you are, the services you deliver, how you sell these services through your positioning and the packaging of this positioning in credentials and in new business meetings.

While registering on the agency register remains free, the other services listed above are based on a modest fixed fee to help cover our costs. You can choose to have one of the experienced category expert consultants visit for 1 or 2 hours. Or, for a premium, you can request either our Global CEO or one of our Managing Directors to conduct the meeting.

Naturally, these add-on services are not available while an agency is participating in a TrinityP3-managed tender.

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