Cut through the clutter in your marketing technology stack

The technology transformation era has caused businesses to sit up and take note that in order to sustain your brand for future growth and profit you need to invest in the latest technology to keep up with….what exactly? This question, and often panic, has led to businesses investing in multiple technology solutions and internal marketing departments facing restructure to manage the investment, which ultimately leads to more (poor) investment. Sometimes businesses get it right investing in technology and sometimes it can lead to dormant software and marketing divisions not really achieving results. Which leads to the big question that often cannot be answered, or in most cases is not even being asked ‘What has the ROI been on that investment?’

Agency search and selection for global health client

A local marketing team, who had never engaged an agency before, were facing a major challenge. They not only required a local agency for their communications campaign locally, they also had an immediate need for campaigns to be developed across the various emerging markets, starting in Latin America and rolling out in the longer term to Asia. This posed a significant challenge for the marketing team to find and appoint and then work on a global communications campaign, but also a significant challenge for TrinityP3 to find the right solution to deliver the teams needs to the relatively limited marketing budget provided.

5 myths about pitch management, agency remuneration and relationship management

When it comes to pitching there are lots of rumors, gossip and a huge amount of bull. So I thought it was time to myth bust a few untruths about a pitch and give my perspective, having worked over the last 2 years at TrinityP3 on numerous pitches and client projects. That is after quite a few years on the agency side. The fact is that while it has been really positive, there are many agencies (and even some advertisers) who really struggle with the pitch process. TrinityP3 has been running pitches for over 10 years without the “creative beauty parade” so one could say we are pretty tried and tested.

Birds of a feather flock together: tips for engaging a new agency partner

We have all heard the adage birds of a feather flock together, meaning that the company you keep reflects your personality. A smart person surrounds himself with other smart people. Unfortunately, as we go through this time , we realise the people we once counted on are no longer the people we once thought they were. Being guilty by association is another saying which extends the birds of a feather…concept but this time with negative overtones. The external observer will quickly associate your behaviours and thoughts with the people you hang out with. If your friends act in a negative way, you too will be bracketed unfavourably by association. Although this may not be true, it is all based on perception.

Top 10 tips for a successful pitch process

Business people not on the same page

Having worked on a number of pitches over the last 10 months with TrinityP3, I can clearly see the value in having a 3rd party facilitate the process for both the advertiser and the agency. As facilitator, the role is to guide both parties through the process and ensure they are provided with the information required to enable them to put their best foot forward towards the unknown.