Engagement, Performance & Process Agreements

(How to create new ways of working with your agencies to deliver maximum performance)

How well do your agencies work together? Do you have a robust and agile marketing process? Do your agencies engage and collaborate to deliver high performance outcomes? Do you wish your go-to-market process was faster and more agile? We find that most advertisers do not have a consistent and defined process or a detailed set of performance expectations for their agencies. 

We work collaboratively with the marketing team and the roster agencies to detail the process and design opportunities for greater agility and performance by identifying and removing bottlenecks, duplications and waste. The result is a clear and agreed process with detailed roles, responsibilities and most importantly performance expectations for all stakeholders.

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Contracts have traditionally defined the performance of suppliers through Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the like. But these are best applied to supplier relationships, which are more autonomous and less dependent on others for their performance. Because of the complex nature of marketing, the performance of any individual agency is highly dependent on the marketer and the other roster partners. Therefore rather than a simple services agreement, what is required is an approach that captures and defines the rules of engagement based on the expectations of the marketing team and their agencies. This approach is the Engagement Agreement, which becomes an operational guide to performance expectations across the roster.


The Engagement, Performance and Process Agreement can be used to address performance issues in order to:

  1. Engage roster agencies in a more collaborative way of working
  2. Improve roster agency performance by defining consistent and shared expectations across the roster
  3. Diagnose and address specific process/performance issues within the roster of agencies

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Through a series of facilitated workshops involving the marketing team and the core agency partners, we map and discuss the various interactions and processes, capturing the expectations of all partners for delivering optimal productivity, speed and quality of output. These processes can include annual planning and budgeting, campaign-based and agile marketing processes, annual performance reviews and more. The output of the process is an agreement between all parties on how they will engage effectively with each other.


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