Engagement Agreements

Our Engagement Agreements service is all about ensuring an agreed campaign development process is truly achievable and adhered to.

Why do you need this service? Read on to understand more.

Process? We’re too busy for process!

The speed and adaptability with which marketers need to move today is nothing like what it used to be twenty years ago. In fact, the resemblance between now and five years ago is pretty distant. The change is a constant.

As a result, agreed campaign development processes – and the contractual ‘engagement agreements’ that contractually document them – are often hopelessly cumbersome. Written with challenging milestones and success metrics set against them, they can be forgotten very quickly as the agency and marketer embark on their day to day journey.

Processes are important

It’s often worth re-reading a contract or agreement to see just how far you’ve come – or how much there is to re-work. Having proper and consistent campaign development process in place is important in many ways – think corporate governance, agency measurement and reward, dispute resolution, due diligence, strategic consistency, efficiency and effectiveness. Often, key stakeholders aren’t even aware of the processes supposedly in place, which can cause havoc further down the track.

If your campaign development process is in place, then use it – or tear it up and start again.

Some may have the optimal process sitting there waiting to be re-discovered. Or, you may need to tear up what you have and start again. But in starting again – re-developing a process to fit your current operational approach – we find it’s best to have a mix of stakeholders in the room. Processes that are unilaterally imposed by a distant boss, a different department or a third party are the ones most likely to fail or be forgotten.

We can work with your stakeholders to engineer a collaborative solution

At TrinityP3, our approach hits the sweet spot between third party expertise and engaged stakeholder management. In constructing the optimal campaign development processes with you, we will:

  • Assess existing processes and systems – lapsed or otherwise – and
  • Build and Articulate a draft for a campaign development process (and sometimes two or three depending on speed or costs requirements), using our own experience and expertise in field.
  • Convene a full-day TrintyP3 facilitated workshop for all the marketers and agencies with direct roles in campaign development – from project inception to ROI measurement. Use the workshop to refine the draft process.
  • Identify the critical touch-points in the process (client-agency, agency-agency and client-client)
  • Define and records the expectations of each party for each touch-point
  • Develop a final Engagement Agreement documenting the agreed campaign development processes, based on all workshop outputs

We know you’re busy, and that changing or taking on process can be hard. So let us take some of that strain. From a performance perspective, tearing up and re-starting your existing engagement agreement might be the best thing you can do.

Contact us here to arrange an initial conversation about how much this service could change your outputs for the better. We’d love to help.

Are you ready to implement broader operational change beyond campaign management process?

If required, TrinityP3 also offers a Marketing Planning Process Review, which is broader in scope and is aimed at driving operational efficiency to complex marketing programs, clearing space for better planning and ultimately, better strategic outputs.

For more information on the Marketing Planning Process Review, click here.

Implementing a marketing model to match specific business needs – Case study

Challenging Problem:

The client’s marketing function was decentralised and operating across six different faculties and entities. Strategic governance was either inconsistent or entirely absent, budgets were fragmented and independently managed, there was no common campaign development process, and multiple campaigns and initiatives were being created across the organisation with no control or idea of ROI. The marketing effort involved more than 90 marketing FTEs working with an agency roster of 75 on an overall spend of less than $10 million annually.

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