In-House Agency Performance Optimisation

(How to ensure your in-house agency investment is providing maximum value)

Do you have in-house agency services? Are you considering bringing your external agency resources in-house? Are they delivering all of the benefits of being in-house including speed, agility and cost reduction? Are you monitoring and managing your in-house resources to ensure optimum performance? Often it is believed in-house agency facilities will naturally deliver benefits. But they require management. 

We work with organisations both to assess and benchmark the value and performance of their existing in-house services or we undertake a cost / benefit analysis of developing your own in-house agency service. Plus we can help monitor and manage on-going performance to ensure you benefit from the performance improvement.

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Many organisations have in-house ‘agency’ services, be it a designer or desktop publishing facilities. But technology has made it easier and more affordable to increase the services provided in-house. Today social media monitoring, video and audio production, digital design and even media services can all be developed and implemented in-house. The most obvious benefit is the savings, but managed correctly it also provides greater alignment between the in-house team and the marketers leading to better speed to market and more efficient implementation. But it can come at a cost if the process is not managed with full accountability. The benefits of the in-house agency need to be proven to justify the investment and the increased head count. The next question is what should you bring in house and what should you outsource?


When it comes to in-house agency services, there are a number of ways we have helped our clients, including:

  1. Assessing needs and spend, and benchmarking the feasibility of bringing services in-house and which services are more sustainable
  2. Assessing and benchmarking current in-house faculties to determine efficacy and productivity against commercial market benchmarks
  3. Developing financial and business models to inform decisions on increasing investment or otherwise of in-house capabilities.

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We use qualitative interviews or workshops to determine the issues and expectations and a quantitative financial approach to provide an evidence-based assessment of your current situation. We make recommendations and provide advice on areas of opportunity including investment levels, structures and process. For existing in-house facilities we assess current productivity and efficacy, providing advice on issues and opportunities for improving and optimising performance.


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