Media Transparency, Performance and Value Assessment

Our Media Transparency, Performance and Value Assessment takes a holistic look at the operation of your media agency, assessing against best practice at every stage of the journey. It aims to give you the tools to improve the output of your media agency.

Why do you need this service? Read on to understand more.

Media agencies are evolving – fast

What does a ‘media agency’ do?

Traditionally, a media agency planned and bought…well, media. Paid media space. Agencies were the buffer between marketer and seller, the benefits being scalability and operational efficiency.

Fast forward to today, and the picture is changed beyond recognition. Media agencies are involved in development and management of complex, automated and dynamic trading models, data-driven modelling, content creation and involvement in owned and earned assets as well as development of relatively complex strategy. The diversification of media agency service offering continues to grow.

Yet in many cases, a large part of what a media agency is actually assessed on – or, the part of an assessment that gets the most attention – is entrenched in the traditional; media rate audits, largely in television. There’s a whole lot that can go un-checked.

If you want to understand the true value generation of your media agency, you need to go deeper than media cost and performance.

As media agencies have become more complex, so has their process. They offer complex strategic planning wheels, automated trading platforms and end-to-end management.

All of these things are being paid for, by you. The end result – spots on a media plan, and the cost of those spots – is just one part of a much larger whole. And often, contractual agreements do not keep up with the pace of change.

Beyond media cost, we need to understand more about the efficiency and effectiveness of agency process. We need to evaluate the strength of the strategic input and whether it’s actually tailored to your operation. We need greater insight into the agency’s approach to implementation planning. Often, we need to know more about how these things are actually accounted for contractually.

It’s not just them – it’s you

Like any supplier relationship, the end results gained from the work of a media agency represents a two way street. Marketers are often not able to get the best out of a media agency because their own interaction, process or focus is not appropriate to optimal outputs.

Marketers, in our experience, don’t always have a full grasp of what is actually on offer.

That’s why we don’t look at just the agency – a transparency and process review should always be conducted holistically and objectively, with focus on both parties.

We can help you to get the best out of your media agency – and help them get the best out of you.

Our comprehensive review can cover some, or all of the following areas – tailored to you, and benchmarked against best practice to generate red, amber and green areas of operation. Working across all channels, we can evaluate:

  • The brief and briefing process
  • Strategic development, approval and commitment
  • Channel planning process, strength of linkage between strategy and channel selection
  • Implementation planning and network negotiation approach
  • Execution efficiency and effectiveness
  • Post Analysis

We can also integrate a transparency and process review with a bespoke review of your media agency contract. Click here to see more details about our Contract Review service.

Let’s make sure that the operation between you and your media agency is fully understood and firing on all cylinders.

Contact us here to arrange an initial conversation about how much this service could change your outputs for the better. We’d love to help.

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“With agency structures becoming ever more fragmented and complex, Honda engaged Trinity P3 to undertake a review of our media partner; which also included an assessment of the general health of our client/media/creative relationship. Trinity P3 were able to deliver strong insights into our current state, and importantly, solid recommendations targeting improved efficiency and effectiveness. Given the analysis was based upon functional experience and objectivity, we are confident our business will be stronger as a result.”
Scott McGregor, GM of Customer & Communications at Honda

“We engaged TrinityP3 to conduct a wide-ranging assessment of our current media agency operation, product and process, performance, remuneration and contract structure. The work we received – both the report and the detailed discussion of that report – was highly professional, completely objective and extremely thorough. TrinityP3 provided a depth of experience and expertise which has delivered real value to my business; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
Jamie McDougall, Global Head Media Strategy, Michael Hill Jewellers

“TrinityP3 brought valuable market knowledge and specialist experience to bear on our media agency project. Their work added significant value to Officeworks and helped us in delivery of a strong and improved business outcome.”
Karl Winther, GM Marketing at Officeworks