Advertising Production Assessment

(How to ensure you’re not paying more than you should for advertising production)

How much are you paying for your advertising production? Are your broadcast costs, digital costs, and print costs reasonable? Are your agencies maximising the value of your productions where possible? Are risks associated with production being minimised on your behalf? Too often the end of the creative process is rushed and costs blow out along with the timeline. 

We work with our clients to assess their production processes and costs, identifying poor production practice and excessive expense. We also identify risks inherent in many productions, ensuring the advertiser is fully aware and informed of the consequences as part of the assessment process. This could include looking at previous behaviours, current productions or modelling future production opportunities.

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Production is often seen as the end of the advertising process and is often under time pressure because of delays at earlier stages. It is also a step in the advertising process that has been subject to significant innovation through technology advances that have not only provided greater creative opportunities but also become more accessible. With all aspects of advertising production for broadcast, digital and print now based on digital production platforms, there is a convergence in process that can deliver significant economies of scale and improvement in process. The irony is that these opportunities for improving speed-to-market and delivering cost efficiencies are often overlooked due to time pressure.


There are many aspects of the broadcast, digital and print production process we are engaged to assess, including:

  1. Providing an independent cost and feasibility assessment of individual proposed productions in broadcast, digital and print
  2. Undertaking an assessment of opportunities for increased efficiency and productivity in the production process including decoupling and building in-house resources
  3. Identifying and recommending opportunities for transforming production processes and suppliers to deliver improvement in productivity and savings

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Our production team have many years of hands-on experience working in advertising production in broadcast, digital and print. They know and understand the importance of on-time delivery and getting value for the production investment. Using this industry knowledge and the Ad Cost Checker database of production costs, they are able quickly to assess the proposed costs of any production and also assess the feasibility of a single production or an entire production process, recommending ways to deliver better quality and improved value through increased productivity and efficiency and not simply slashing cost.


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