Collaboration, Engagement & Performance Evaluations

(How to ensure all of your agencies are collaborating on delivering maximum performance)

How well do your stakeholders collaborate? Do your agencies engage well with your internal teams and with each other? Are all parties aligned to delivering consistent performance and results? Contrary to popular belief, or perhaps wishful thinking, collaboration does not just happen. It requires effort and management.  

Using the Evalu8ing system, we are able to measure, manage and maximise the level of collaboration, engagement and performance from your roster of agencies and your internal marketing stakeholders. With regular application our clients have reported significant improvement in roster performance.

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With many marketers finding themselves managing large rosters of agencies, one of the key challenges is optimising agency performance by encouraging engagement and collaboration, especially as the agencies are often competing for a share of the marketing budget. While individual performance is important, the total output and outcomes of the agency roster are dependent on the ability of the marketing team to work with the capabilities in the roster and for the agencies in the roster to work with each other. To measure, manage and maximise collaboration, engagement and performance of the agency roster we use the Evalu8ing system.


Performance-managing the agency roster can be time consuming and difficult. Therefore we are typically engaged to assist in a number of ways, such as:

  1. Facilitating workshops with roster agencies and marketing to align expectations, increase engagement, encourage collaboration and improve performance
  2. Providing measurement and management to improve collaboration, engagement and performance
  3. Acting as independent third party advisors to overcome internal issues and challenges.

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As independent advisors we are able to provide unbiased, industry-informed advice. We have an intimate understanding and appreciation of the marketing, media and advertising process. We have experience in developing collaborative ways of working between agencies on the roster, both competitive and complementary. The Evalu8ing approach provides us with a unique, game-changing approach to fostering collaboration and engagement between marketing teams and their roster agencies.


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