Digital & Technology Transformation Review

(How to independently review your digital transformation strategy and progress)

Are you planning or developing your technology transformation strategy? Or perhaps reviewing your existing technology implementation? Are you disappointed with your results to date and wondering if you are pursuing the right path? Technology and digital transformations are as much about culture, strategy and structure as they are about technology.

We work with our clients and their technology partners internally and externally to review the transformation strategy and ensure that success is clearly defined and aligned to the overall business and marketing objectives. We identify any issues and consideration that perhaps have been overlooked and provide a totally independent view, rare in this category, on the best way forward.

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Marketing technology has huge potential to magnify the performance of your marketing strategy. No wonder most organisations are investing heavily and the CMO is considered to be a bigger investor in technology that his CIO counterpart. But it is also fraught with complexity and problems, with many feeling that the performance outcome did not justify the cost in time and budget. This could be because the investment approach was ad-hoc or you are working with legacy systems that are out-dated or even that the organisation is not structured to support this change. The fact is that the technology platforms on offer are not the solution, but simply the enablers to allow you to scale and amplify your strategy. But before you even consider a technology purchase the first step is to ensure you have a clear technology transformation strategy that is aligned to your marketing and business objectives and has clear requirements and performance metrics for success.


Depending on what stage you are at in your digital technology transformation, there are a number of ways we can help, such as:

  1. Independently validating the technology transformation strategy or plan and schedule
  2. Reviewing the progress of the transformation and identifying and addressing issues that have arisen
  3. Providing an objective assessment of the transformation strategy and implementation

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Our marketing technology and financial consultants review your transformation strategy against your marketing and business objectives, providing advice and recommendations on potential or current issues and how to ensure optimal delivery and implementation. The process is a combination of interviews, analysis and financial modelling to provide a quantitative and qualitative assessment based on emerging practice.

Plus through our agreement and alignment with ADMA IQ we can also provide an industry based Skills Capability Assessment for your team, with training to close any identified gaps provided by the highly regarded ADMA team. Find out more here.


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