Technology Business Case Development

(How to build a business case for CapEx funding of your marketing technology needs)

Planning to invest in a technology solution? Trying to get CapEx budget approval for a technology investment? Or wanting to make sure you have reviewed all of the options available before you take the plunge? Most technology investments are significant and high profile expenditures within the organisation, which is why you want to get it right.

We use our industry knowledge and benchmarking processes to develop a business case model for the technology solution in which you are looking to invest. As part of this process we can also assess if the solution is the right one for your needs and can provide a quantified report on the benefits expected from the technology investment.

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Increasingly marketing technology investments are the responsibility of marketing and the CMO with the budget allocation provided from the marketing budget or capital expenditure budget. In either case the justification for the expenditure usually requires a business case. While the IT team and finance are able to assist with this process, often they do not have the intimate understanding of marketing to be able to contribute the deep analysis required to support the process. Significant marketing technology investments of course do not only include the up front fees, but also on-going support and hosting fees and implementation fees such as restructuring, recruiting and training. To prepare a comprehensive business case for these investments requires a wide range of capabilities working together.


Our consultant base and wide skill sets means we are able to help in a number of ways including:

  1. Preparing the business case proposal for you in consultation with key stakeholders within the organisation
  2. Providing an assessment of the requirements of the business case including requirements across structure, resource, training, implementation etc.
  3. Independently assessing your marketing technology business case to identify any areas of opportunity or omission to strengthen the result

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Drawing on our broad consulting base we match our subject matter experts to your needs. Our marking technology, structure, marketing resource, process and financial consultants are assigned to work collaboratively with your internal stakeholders to deliver the outcome required. The process is typically a combination of interviews, analysis and financial modelling to provide a quantitative and qualitative input, based on the best emerging practice.


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