Technology Stack Assessment

(How to find out if your marketing, crm, data, media and advertising technology is fit for purpose)

Are you working with legacy technology? Or is your technology stack limiting your options? Or unsure of your options on how to update or enhance you existing technology resources? As marketers are investing more and more in marketing technology platforms there will be issues arising from legacy technology and changes in technology requirements and opportunities.

We review our clients’ existing technology resources and performance against their strategic requirements and provide independent advice and recommendations on any issues and define future technology requirements and opportunities. This provides the basis of the technology transformation strategy.

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The marketing technology stack has become central to the digital transformation of the marketing function. But more importantly it enables marketing to address customers and potential customer at scale based on customer data insight – be it a DMP, DSP, DAM, CSM, CRM. eCOMM or any other of the many systems and platforms required to deliver your customer centric strategy. The problem is that often the technology stack has evolved over time and there are legacy systems within the organisation that either limit or prohibit further development. Or the systems in the technology stack are not delivering the results expected either because they are underperforming or are not properly implemented into the marketing process.


Depending on your circumstances and requirements, there are a number of ways we can assist, including:

  1. Mapping and assessing your current marketing technology stack against your marketing and business objectives
  2. Identify opportunities for improvements in the structure and performance of your marketing technology stack
  3. Undertaking a diagnosis and making recommendations on the best strategy for your marketing technology stack investment and management

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Our marking technology consultants review your technology stack against your marketing and business objectives and provide advice and recommendation on opportunities or issues to ensure the optimal outcome in delivery and implementation. The process is a combination of interviews, analysis and modelling to provide a quantitative and qualitative assessment based on best emerging practice.


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