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Environmental Marketing

Environmental policy alignment, measuring carbon emissions across all advertising and marketing communications, specialist internal and supplier auditing and compliant and traceable carbon offsetting programs.

Marketers can now have their media or production proposals assessed with an independent guide to the level of CO2-e that is being added to the atmosphere. With this knowledge you can make informed decisions as to where to target your communications and what areas you need to review. ‘It is all about being aware.’

This independent methodology (The CO2counter) allows us to quickly and cost effectively measure the CO2-e emissions from any marketing communications industry. And once you know your emissions, TrinityP3 can help with in-depth environmental audits, help you reduce and guide you through offsetting with certified carbon credits if you wish.

Click here for more information about the CO2 counter.

Chris Sewell, Business Director, TrinityP3 talks about the importance of Environmental Marketing.

Specific Green Marketing services include:

1. Environmental Check
 Align marketing practice and impact with organisational environmental strategy.
2. Carbon Reduction Assessment
 Set targets and undertake reduction strategies and reduce waste and environmental costs associated with your marketing.
3. Carbon Assessment
 Assess the current environmental impact of your marketing activities across media and production.
4. Media Carbon
Assess your current media schedule’s carbon emission with a breakdown of emissions by individual media type.

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