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online targeting

     Through working with P3Digital clients in workshops and one on one environments, Russell Easther has learned many are unaware of the range of targeting strategies available to the Australian online advertiser.In this edition of P3 e-news, Russell outlines the major opportunities for online targeting all marketers should know. – targeting the online audience – P3Digital iBrochure release – woolley next at networx – P3TV expressions of interest
targeting the online audience

From very established and well used targeting strategies migrated from offline media several years ago through to the most advanced techniques only available in an online environment, multiple targeting strategies exist for the online advertiser.

demographic login targeting

Some websites require users to submit demographic information in order to use the site. The largest opportunity for this style of targeting is across Hotmail, attracting over 5 million users per month. Advertisers can select the age and sex (plus other interests) and run display advertising to only this chosen target audience. Provided the user has accurately recorded their actual demographic information, this results in a very low media wastage strategy.

interest login targeting

Similar to demographic targeting, users are prompted to communicate Interests through initial sign up. For example, advertisers who wish to target users who have signed up as interested in ësportsí regardless of age and sex targeting may display ads to this group only. Similar to demographic targeting, advertisers experience very low wastage levels.

location targeting

Across most portals in Australia now, advertisers can target online inventory targeting at a state level. This targeting opportunity is based on an ad server reading a computers IP address, but this is not fool proof. This allows advertisers to advertise on nationally targeted websites, such as news and information based websites, but only deliver impressions to select states within Australia.

behavioural targeting

Without evening knowing it, internet users can announce to a publisher a particular behaviour. A user can visit an automotive section on a portal and then be tracked across the network and targeted in ënon autoí environments, such as news.

For example, through behavioural targeting a user could visit drive.com.au and then within hours or days later be advertised to as a ëautomotive behavioural userí across theage.com.au or smh.com.au.

Are you using the above targeting strategies? Are you getting the results you want from your online strategy? Want to learn more about online advertising but donít know where to start? P3Digital can provide digital up-skilling workshops for advertisers to help you achieve maximum value from your online media with knowledge to use in everyday marketing scenarios.

To find out more contact P3Digital today in Sydney on 02 8399 0922 or Melbourne on 03 9682 6800 or email people@p3.com.au

P3Digital iBrochure release  

P3Digital has a new iBrochure to be released in the coming weeks, featuring all the P3Digital services in the areas of: – search engine marketing – online media – direct response – third party adserving If you would like to get better value for money from your digital marketing spend, then pre-order your copy via email at georgia@p3.com.au  

pitchin’ without the bitchin’  

Darren Woolley is speaking at the next Networx Marketers Meeting in Sydney on Friday August 21 at the Stratton Hotel at 6.30pm. His topic ‘Pitchin’ without the Bitchin’ will cover: ï Why do you need a new agency? ï Things to consider before undertaking a pitch ï How are you going to select a new agency? ï Top 10 tips for a successful pitch For more info or to register contact Networx Events.  
expressions of interest?  

P3TV Production Workshops for Advertisers. Half day workshops held in conjunction with Channel 9 Melbourne & Sydney.
We have some tentative dates later in the year, set for October/November 2007.
Please email georgia@p3.com.au if you are interested in expressing your interest or finding out more.

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