Marketing Performance

Marketers are facing increasing challenges in a complex market. There is greater pressure on marketers to demonstrate effectiveness, drive customer experience and ultimately business growth. This means that marketers need to focus not only on delivering performance, but also on proving the effectiveness and efficiency of their strategy and execution.

TrinityP3 has solutions that address the challenges marketers are facing from strategy development, budget setting, performance metrics, business growth alignment, marketing structures and stakeholder engagement and alignment and more

1. Aligning Marketing to Business Growth

Is your marketing strategy supporting the business goals and objectives? Are you accountable for supporting organisational growth objectives? Or are your objectives set separately? And only marketing focused? Marketing can drive not just brand value but also business growth and financial value too.

We work with our clients to review their performance metrics to ensure they are aligned and support the business or organisational objectives with a strategy to deliver the results required. Read more here.

2. Marketing Structure Alignment

Structure follows strategy, but what is the right structure for your marketing strategy? Is your marketing structure centralised, decentralised or distributed? Are you product-focused, segment-focused or channel-focused? Or is your marketing structure constantly changing?

Changes in marketing strategy require new, more effective structures for delivering that strategy. Structures that are more integrated, agile and responsive. Read more here.

3. Marketing Strategy Performance Review

How robust is your marketing strategy? Does it leverage the latest opportunities available? Your marketing strategy defines the marketing requirements and objectives. But in an increasingly volatile and complex market the strategy needs to be able to adapt to the changing needs and opportunities.

To ensure your strategy has the elements to make it not only robust, but also agile, we can assist by reviewing your strategy against your business and marketing objectives. Read more here.

4. Budget Setting & Performance Metrics

How are your budgets set, top down? Or bottom up? Are you using Zero Based Budgeting? The first step in delivering return on the marketing investment is setting the level of investment to support your marketing strategy against the performance expectation.

We can assist with providing advice and methodologies for setting your marketing, media and advertising budget requirements and performance metrics. Read more here.

5. Stakeholder Engagement & Alignment

Customer-centric marketing and customer experience management requires the organisation to align to the customer strategy. The success of this approach is dependent on how well the various stakeholders within the organisation are engaged and collaborate on the customer strategy.

We work with our clients to define key stakeholders and assist in measuring, managing and maximising internal collaboration, alignment and engagement to deliver success. Read more here.

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