Marketing Performance

How aligned is your marketing team with your organisation? Are there optimal structures, processes and deliverables in place to drive forward? We bring best-practice thinking to bear in delivery of improved marketing performance.

Budget KPI and ROI Setting

Setting the right goals is not just about the numbers. It’s about the balance between motivation and challenge. It’s about giving people encouragement that they can achieve. TrinityP3’s Budget KPI and ROI setting service helps you to implement the optimal goals, and goal-structure, to maximise team and supplier performance. Read more

Marketing Business Alignment

Marketing business alignment is about getting ahead of the curve. Before tackling the specifics, sometimes it’s best to look at the bigger picture. Our Marketing Business Alignment service strikes at the heart of our reason for being: driving enhanced marketing performance via alignment of process and commercial purpose.  Read more

Marketing Planning Process Review

Marketing was never easy. But it’s not as easy as it used to be. Creating and building great strategy requires time, effort and expertise. The planning process is business-critical. We can help to rediscover the marketing mojo by optimising your strategic output.  Read more

Marketing Structure Review

Changing the fundamentals of your marketing structure is hard, primarily because habit is a powerful force. People don’t like change. They can be suspicious of it, of the reasons for executing it. Our experience suggests that areas such as internal structure are areas that benefit most from third party expertise. Read more

Production Management Assessment

The efficacy of production in marketing is business-critical. Maintaining a Status Quo is not an option. TrinityP3’s Production Management Assessment provides a detailed evaluation of your current production operation, and recommendations to achieve optimal performance. Read more

Relationship Performance Evaluation

Relationship strength is a big key to unlocking optimal performance. TrinityP3’s Relationship Performance Evaluation service measures collaboration and alignment between marketing team agencies, offering insight and recommendation to maximise your collaborative output. Read more

Sustainable Marketing Assessment

Environmental sustainability will only become more important. We work with you to demystify sustainability and how to apply it to your communications. Our Sustainable Marketing Assessment provides a detailed evaluation of how your marketing strategy aligns with the required sustainability policy of your organisation. Read more

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