Aligning Marketing to Business Growth

(How to make sure your marketing is delivering the needs of the business)

Is your marketing strategy supporting the business goals and objectives? Are you accountable for supporting organisational growth objectives? Or are your objectives set separately? And marketing only focused? Marketing can drive not just brand value but also business growth and financial value too.

We work with our clients to review their performance metrics to ensure they are aligned and support the business or organisational objectives with a strategy to deliver the results required.

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Often marketing may inherit legacy performance objectives, or worst still have no clear performance objectives. Yet as the business requirements and circumstances change, marketing often has the essential ability to deliver or support these new objectives. But these may have been overlooked leaving an opportunity to align and enhance business performance. The biggest trend happening in business is the increased focus on defining and managing the customer experience across the whole customer journey. With the right resources and performance metrics, marketing has a key role in this area to optimise the customer experience and increase business performance.


There are a number of reasons we are engaged to do this work, beyond ensuring the marketing function is delivering the business objectives, such as:

  1. To validate independently the marketing strategy and associated performance metrics
  2. To identify opportunities for marketing performance improvements
  3. To assess the marketing performance against the business requirements

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We take a qualitative and quantitative approach to the review and assessment of your current situation. This is usually through a series of one-on-one meetings or workshop groups and the reviewing and analysing of current metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) against business and marketing objectives and strategy.


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