Marketing Business Alignment

Our Marketing Business Alignment service strikes at the heart of our reason for being: driving enhanced marketing performance via alignment of process and commercial purpose.

Why do you need this service? Read on to understand more.

Good strategy is pro-active, not reactive

Marketing business alignment. It’s a broad term. Different elements of what you could call ‘marketing business alignment’ are present in a number of other TrinityP3 services detailed on this website (for more on all of our services, click here).

Marketing business alignment is about getting ahead of the curve. Too often, we make changes by reacting to the marketplace or ‘top of pile’ immediate challenges. When we do this, we lose the lever of measured strategy, pulled to drive organisational vision, and achieve the necessary, and essential, results.

Before tackling the specifics, sometimes it’s best to look at the bigger picture

Many of our services are extremely beneficial when a particular part of the marketing function needs focus, clarification or change management.

But what if you’re at the start of a journey, in a literal sense?

What if you’re new to the leadership of a big marketing team, or have been given extended remit to drive broad-scale improvement across your department?

What’s the best strategic approach to take?

Often, it’s difficult to untangle the wires and begin.

Do you know your pressure points? And can you see the grey areas?

In our experience – not always.

Marketing is complex and multi-faceted. Teams of people within a marketing department are often working in different directions, along dotted lines, simultaneously. Large numbers of external suppliers are often used, sometimes across an overlapping scope, with a range of contractual stipulations, remuneration terms and performance clauses applied.

Historical politics can be an unhealthy strategic driver. People can’t be guaranteed to speak up all the time, particularly if the problems they see exist within their own department, with people they work with either internally or externally.

Understanding pressure-points objectively is a huge cornerstone of strategic development.

What represents best practice, and should you follow it?

As technology continues to drive communication, the skillsets required within a marketing team grows. One result is that the definition of ‘best practice’ is not as simple as once it was.

The best marketing operations are now business-critical functions. Marketers become leaders within their organisations. The challenge is that there is no single defined way to make this leap. It’s wholly dependent on specific organisational dynamics. Taking the myriad learnings from others and shaping it to meet your specific demands requires a very broad knowledge and experience base.

That’s where we come in.

We can help you clear the trees to see the wood and re-shape the forest

To do this, we’re using the decades of experience in multiple specialisms possessed by our consultants.

We’re plugging in to the amassed knowledge across multiple industry categories based on our fifteen years of operation.

We’re applying data-driven learnings in a number of areas to define your individual level and the amount of change required.

When we work with clients on Marketing Business Alignment projects, it is almost always highly bespoke. We can shape our work with you along a number of lines, including but not limited to the following:

  • Asking the right questions of you, your organisation and your suppliers to articulate an aligned strategic ambition and define the key challenges
  • Build the strategic pillars necessary to achieve the ambition
  • Drill into key areas to construct a strategic road map
  • Work with you to execute against the roadmap, where appropriate

We don’t presume to be able to define your issues on this website. So what we’ve just said is indicative. Talking to us without obligation – that’s the first step to understanding where to next.

So for us, it’s never the same twice. But with us, you maximise your chance of performance growth.

Contact us here to arrange an initial conversation about how much this service could change your outputs for the better. We’d love to help.

Public education campaign requiring agency alignment – Case study

The Situation:

The client team had run an integrated creative pitch that ended up with a split decision – the lead creative idea from one agency had researched powerfully, yet the digital approach from another agency had impressed everybody involved in the process. The client team had been instructed by the broader organisation to combine the two approaches, but was unsure of how to make this work in practice.

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Feedback from the business has been overwhelming positive, particularly around the structure and professionalism provided us. Would love to work with you again. As it has been the first time our business has embarked on such a journey, it’s was reassuring that your team understood our challenges upfront and have provided us with the assistance and professionalism to ensure we were able to make informed decisions.

James Reilly, Creative & Project Marketing Director, Car Sales