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(How to get an independent assessment of your marketing strategy)

How robust is your marketing strategy? Does it leverage the latest opportunities available? Your marketing strategy defines the marketing requirements and objectives. But in an increasingly volatile and complex market the strategy needs to be able to adapt to changing needs and opportunities.

To ensure that you have an integrated marketing strategy with the elements not only to make it robust, but also agile, we can assist by reviewing it against your business and marketing objectives.

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The marketing strategy is the foundation of the marketing plan and function. The best strategies define the requirements to deliver your objectives and align your marketing plan accordingly. But in an increasingly complex market, the strategy may become complex or ambiguous. It could be that the strategy has been tweaked and adjusted in response to the changing requirements so it is no longer clear. Or it could simply be that there are opportunities overlooked or challenges that require attention. It could be time to take a fresh look to ensure it is everything you need.


There are plenty of marketing strategists and companies who can help you develop a new and integrated marketing strategy. We can even introduce you to these people if you wish. We are not offering strategy development, but instead an independent review of either a strategy you have inherited, developed or evolved. The review could be for any number of reasons including:

  1. To have an independent assessment of your new or current strategy.
  2. To identify areas of change or improvements in the strategy prior to change
  3. To ensure the strategy is aligned and relevant to the organisational requirements

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In our experience it is often difficult for the team that develops the strategy to get perspective. Or if you have inherited the strategy it can often be difficult to determine what to keep and what to change. Our marketing strategy agency has extensive experience in working with organisations to align their marketing to their business needs and to align their marketing structure and process to their strategy. Therefore we have the experience and expertise to provide independent advice and informed perspective on your marketing strategy and provide advice on ways to improve it.


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