Marketing Planning Process Review

Our Marketing Planning Process Review service is aimed at driving operational efficiency to complex marketing programs, clearing space for better planning and ultimately, better strategic outputs.

Why do you need this service? Read on to understand more.

Marketing was never easy. But it’s not as easy as it used to be

What does the average marketing leader need to deal with in the professional climate of today? Gripping the role of data, for one. Then there’s the balance between data and creativity. There needs to be some time spent on digitally integrating the customer journey.

Let’s not forget the ever-expanding stakeholder network that needs to be involved in marketing – CIO, CEO, CFO, product teams, sales teams, content developers, producers, customer service, commercial teams, procurement and agency teams. The budgets need to be balanced. The internal team needs to be motivated. The advertising needs to be reviewed. The results need to be delivered.

We’re scratching the surface, we know that. But is it any wonder that for many marketing leads that we talk to, the ability to raise the head above the parapet and consider the broader strategic and planning horizon becomes more difficult?

At what price, your strategic sanity?

It’s likely that for many, the creep of essentially non-strategic activities day to day has been gradual. But it’s insidious. Take a hard look at how much genuine strategic work is being done. The result may be surprising.

We find that often, there are issues in marketing planning that stifle room for strategy. That there are too many head-hours entrenched in execution. There’s often simply not enough time spent on reviewing over-arching strategy – which leads to misalignment with the broader organisation. There can be a lack of internal marketing to key stakeholders, diminishing cross-organisational collaboration before the planning and execution phases are reached.

Creating and building great strategy requires time, effort and expertise. The planning process is business-critical. There needs to be the right balance between strategic and executional focus. This is not always easy to achieve.

Rediscover the marketing mojo

We can help to rediscover the marketing mojo by optimising your strategic output.

Our consultants have decades of in-field marketing experience. We have worked to develop best-practice strategic planning models. We can work with you to build the optimal model for your needs.

To build the model we take a number of steps:

  • Review the current planning processes and tools, campaign delivery process and results
  • Assess needs via interviews with key stakeholders
  • Evaluate the practicalities, based on the nature of the industry and organisation
  • Determine the future marketing planning requirements across all levels of the business
  • Develop a proposed strategic planning model and implementation plan, using best-in-class experience and information, which can be shared across the organisation as appropriate.

Addressing the role of strategy has never been more important. But let’s be honest: we don’t presume to be able to define your specific planning challenges without understanding more. So what we’ve just said is indicative. Our approach is always bespoke to you.

Contact us here to arrange an initial conversation about how much this service could change your outputs for the better. We’d love to help.


“We engaged Trinity P3 to help get our customer management back ‘on-track’. Although we pride ourselves on being customer-centric we had slipped into a silo based view of all the customer touchpoints. Trinity P3 was engaged to help us with best practice agency support, internal working arrangements and end-to-end customer management. The process gave us the perfect opportunity to pause and then refresh our go-to-market strategies. Trinity P3 were instrumental in pulling together all the internal and external parties and coaching us to a best practice outcome that was fit for our purpose. Throughout the process Trinity P3 demonstrated their broad knowledge, leadership and critical planning ability.”
David Scribner – Chief Executive of Virgin Mobile Australia

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