Marketing Structure Review

Our Marketing Structure Review service offers a comprehensive assessment of your internal structure. We deliver recommendations designed to optimise performance via the alignment of your marketing structure with the strategic focus and commercial purpose of your organisation. 

Why do you need this service? Read on to understand more.

We’re creatures of habit: but change can leave habit behind

We all know that the marketing world is changing, probably faster than ever before. There’s an imperative to move with that change at operational level. Getting left behind is becoming easier by the day.

Continued innovation of your marketing approach is a given in this environment. Innovation, when successful, is extremely powerful. But marketing innovation becomes extremely difficult if your business or team is not structured to deliver it.

Functioning without questioning perpetuates the habit

Our experience is that companies can function for years without questioning if they have the best marketing structure to effectively deliver on their strategic goals.

As a business grows, it’s understandable that reviewing the structure of marketing, its skill set and resource levels can take a back seat – after all, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right?

Taking this approach sets an organisation up for marketing failure.

Internal agendas feed the habit

Changing the fundamentals of your marketing structure is hard, primarily because habit is a powerful force. People don’t like change. They can be suspicious of it, of the reasons for executing it. Often it isn’t just the people within your team, but other influencers across your organisation. People invest in habit because it’s what they know.

Our experience suggests that areas such as internal structure are areas that benefit most from third party expertise.

That’s because the change required is often fundamental not just to marketing but to the broader organisation. When the broader organisation is involved, objective third party assessment, grounded in expertise and free from habit or agenda, can be transformational in helping you get the change you need across the line.

We’ll work with you to help your organisation kick the habit and drive what’s needed

  • Assess your skill-set mix, resource levels, external supplier network
  • Benchmark your current structural and operational strength
  • Develop alternative structural models designed to optimise output and results
  • Consider required steps to future-proof your operation
  • Deliver with you in presenting the recommended business plan to your C-Suite
  • Implement with you, supporting you through the changes needed for a seamless transition

We don’t presume to be able to define your issues on this website. So what we’ve just said is indicative. Our approach is always bespoke to you.

Talking to us without obligation – that’s the first step to understanding where to next. Let’s work together to kick the habit and drive the necessary change within your organisation.

Contact us here to arrange an initial conversation about how much this service could change your outputs for the better. We’d love to help.


“Working with TrinityP3 on reviewing the design of our Group Marketing structure and function provided a fresh viewpoint informed by their extensive market experience both across the APAC region and the globe. They provided a detailed framework for identifying the strategic drivers and then a process to specifically allocate the resources needed to effectively deliver both the immediate and longer term Group Marketing needs of the bank.”
Louise Eyres, Group GM Marketing, ANZ

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