Aligning Marketing Team Structure to Strategy

(How to make sure your marketing structure and process will meet your future needs)

Structure follows strategy, but what is the right structure for your marketing strategy? Is your marketing team structure centralised, decentralised or distributed? Are your product focused, segment focused or channel focused? Or is your marketing structured constantly changing? Often marketing performance is limited by struggling with out-dated legacy structures. 

Changes in marketing strategy require new, more effective structures for delivering that strategy – creating marketing team, departmental or organisational structures that are more integrated, agile and responsive to the business needs.

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For many organisations the decisions on marketing structure can be reduced to whether to centralise or de-centralise. Often marketing will undergo successive organisational changes from major realignments to modest structural changes within the marketing team. These changes are either driven by a desire for increased productivity or increased functionality. But often these changes are hampered by legacy considerations or are undertaken without the context of the strategic needs of the business in the immediate and future term. The opportunity is to take a holistic view of the organisational requirements and design structural options to deliver improved marketing efficiency and effectiveness.


We are typically engaged in these projects by organisations where the following things have happened:

  1. A succession of additional capabilities have been added to marketing and not integrated
  2. The organisation has undergone a major strategic change and the marketing function is no longer considered aligned
  3. Fragmented structure has reduced marketing productivity and performance

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To align the marketing structure to the organisational strategic requirements starts with agreement on those requirements. Through interviews and workshops with key stakeholders we define strategic requirements, map the current marketing structure and identify the issues with the current structure. On agreement of the current structural state we then design a series of potential future states to address specifically the issues and requirement.

Plus through our agreement and alignment with ADMA IQ we can also provide an industry based Skills Capability Assessment for your team or department, with training to close any identified gaps provided by the highly regarded ADMA team. Find out more here.


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