Production Management Assessment

Our Production Management Assessment provides a detailed evaluation of your current production operation, and recommendations to achieve optimal performance.

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The Marketing Revolution Includes Production

We live in an age of immense change. Consumers are experiencing exponential growth in their own technology-fuelled power to choose, access, reject and supply content of all descriptions, across an ever-increasing amount of channels.

The pace of this change is not diminishing. With the advent of wearable technology, the further development of the Internet of Things and the continued growth in power of wi-fi, ethernet and mobile connectivity, pace of change is only going to increase.

Marketers can distribute content – paid, owned or earned – as never before. But of course, in order to distribute, they need to produce.

Content is King, Distribution is Queen. And they are demanding

Modern day communication dynamics carry huge implications for the way in which marketers need to produce brand and advertising content. In short, marketers have to produce more content, to more channels, more often than at any other point in history.

And are the production budgets increasing in line with such demands? Not always, and probably not often. It’s a case of do more – much more – with the same.

The efficacy of production in marketing is business-critical. Maintaining a Status Quo is not an option.

Production is the second biggest expense in the advertising department after buying media. Advertising agencies often lead the production process, and base that leadership on production models that are no longer sustainable. They, along with in-house production departments, are sometimes simply ill-equipped or not structured to deal with the increasing pressure on, and complexity of, content production requirements.

At the same time, production technology is constantly evolving. The opportunities are there to transform your process; but is your team fully aware of what’s on offer?

Maintaining a Status Quo will generate two results: first, diminished marketing effectiveness; and second, a potentially severe limitation placed on the innovation of the strategic marketing plan.

Put simply, it’s not an option.

We work with you to release the power of modern-day content production methods and operation.

Our Production Management Assessment service, conducted by professionals with over thirty years of experience in the field, delivers against the following core components.

  • Measures the health of your marketing teams production process
  • Evaluates the input, remuneration structure and current operation of third party suppliers & partners
  • Reports on choke points, inefficiencies, duplication, shortcomings and lost opportunities both creative and financial.
  • Recommends strategies designed to improve and optimize your production operation.

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Are you ready to implement change, but not sure of how to go about it?

If required, TrinityP3 also offers a Production Transition Management service to help all members of marketing and procurement to understand and implement change – either directly resulting from the Production Management Assessment, or from an internal process of your own. For more information on the Production Transition Management service, click here.

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