Relationship Performance Evaluation

Our Relationship Performance Evaluation service measures collaboration and alignment between marketing team agencies, offering insight and recommendation to maximise your collaborative output.

Why do you need this service? Read on to understand more.

Relationship strength is a big key to unlocking optimal performance

It can also be used for internal alignment and collaboration within an organisation and can be used to track and manage changes in structure and process.

Marketers are in the communication business. No matter how much data continues to flood into marketing, the discipline will always hinge on creativity, flair, a passion for reaching and talking to customers. All of which are inherently human skills, requiring teams of human beings. Those teams need to be optimal. And in today’s world, there are ever-increasing numbers of teams to deal with, across all facets of business.

Without genuine collaboration, optimal does not exist. That’s why more and more organisations around the world are trying to track, foster and develop collaborative intent.

Collaboration amongst marketers is more than a two way street

Collaboration between disciplines leads to innovation and competitive advantage. But, of course, there’s more than one discipline to contend with, more than one agency to align. Completing individual reviews with each agency only tells you so much. The relationships between not only you and your agencies, but between different agencies across your roster, are important to evaluate. Your whole structure needs to be aligned.

Our process is not just one to one, it’s many to many

Our process uses a unique tool: Evalu8ing. Coupled with the insight of our consultants, who share decades of experience in many fields, we’re able to offer you a truly bespoke relationship evaluation.

Evalu8ing is the only online survey system to evaluate the relationships between up to eight groups – eight groups within your organisation, eight offices in various locations, eight suppliers working together or a combination of them all in one process.

Evalu8ing goes beyond the prosaic score card check list. It is designed to measure, manage and maximise the strength and performance of complex business relationships.

Those relationships can be between suppliers, colleagues or collaborators; within organisations or across multiple organisations; within one building, one city or across the globe. Whatever your needs, we’re about improving your output via better collaboration and alignment.

Conduct a relationship performance evaluation with us and you will receive:

  • Full facilitation of the Evalu8ing process across all participating groups
  • Bespoke questionnaires, tailored to your specific needs
  • Multi-dimensional relationship assessment using the Evalu8ing tool
  • Easy to understand ‘heat mapping’ allowing at-a-glance view of key communication lines to work on
  • Results, insights and learnings presentation and next-step roadmap guides

Don’t just go through the relationship motions: take the next step and make relationship evaluations truly meaningful to your team and your performance.

Contact us here to arrange an initial conversation about how much this service could change your outputs for the better. We’d love to help.

Using a strategic tool for better client agency relationships – Case study

Challenging problem:

The Evalu8ing client had just entered into several new agency relationships including a new lead creative agency and a new media agency. They felt that communication, collaboration and project management between all teams, including themselves, was unsatisfactory and would ultimately compromise the effectiveness of any future brand strategies and campaigns unless addressed.

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