Developing & Optimising In-House Media

(How to bring media in-house to deliver maximum value and performance)

Considering taking your media planning and even buying in-house? Wondering what your options are? Or working through the requirements and the business case? Or perhaps you’ve taken media in-house and are now working to deliver the promised results? Programmatic buying technology makes in-house media buying more accessible for the right advertisers. The question is – are you one of the right advertisers?

Based on our expertise in assessing and benchmarking the media process, we are able to provide our clients with an assessment of your in-house media needs or to assess the performance of your current in-house media function. We provide independent assessment and advice to assist with the process of developing an in-house media function or to diagnose and optimise your in-house media function.

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The technology that is driving the media and digital media category, such as DMPs, programmatic trading desks, DSPs and the like, is also providing more options for advertisers in the way they invest their media budget. In response to the concerns over the transparency and safety of the digital media ecosystem and in a desire to combine the insights of first, second and third party data to drive insights and media performance in a safe environment, many advertisers are either considering or are actually taking their media planning and buying in house. This is a significant investment in resources and technology and not one to be taken without a full assessment of the risks and rewards. Some mistakenly think that taking media in-house will save money, when in fact often the opposite is true. The real benefit of in-house media is enhanced media performance. And while it is not for every advertiser, it is worth considering carefully.


Depending on what stage you have reached in the process of developing your in-house media functions, we have a number of important ways to help you, including:

  1. Undertaking an independent assessment of your strategy and spend requirements to establish whether your circumstances justify the investment
  2. Reviewing and assessing your existing in-house media capabilities, identifying any issues and advising on improvements
  3. Developing and advising on the process to develop your in-house media capabilities to ensure successful implementation

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Our approach to in-house media capabilities is both qualitative and quantitative, either to review and assess your current situation or to develop and design future options specifically to deliver your needs. We use a process of stakeholder interviews, a review of marketing and media objectives, spend analysis, media performance metrics and capability assessment to inform our assessments and recommendations to ensure you have a comprehensive work plan for delivering optimal media value.


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