Media Transparency, Value & Performance Assessment

(How to make sure your media planning and buying process is delivering maximum performance)

Are you concerned about the value you are obtaining from your media investment? Has your digital media spend increased without any substantial improvement in results? Are your media needs ever more complex? Are you considering reviewing your media agency arrangements? Media is increasingly challenging, but before you make changes you need a clear view of your current situation.

We work with our advertising clients to review completely their current media planning and buying process for all of their paid media needs. We review advertiser, agency and supplier processes, contractual arrangements, remuneration, performance metrics and more to identify where media value and performance is being lost.

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There was a time where advertisers needed only to worry about the cost of their paid media – and many did, focusing on reducing their cost of purchased media inventory in the process. But increasingly advertisers are realising that cost is just half of the media value equation and that focusing on cost alone no longer delivers the value or performance they demand from their media supply chain. This is partly because of the issues highlighted by the ANA-commissioned K2 Report of 2016 into the Digital Media category. Lack of transparency, lack of consistent and meaningful metrics on viewability, concerns over brand safety and ad fraud are all major considerations for any advertiser investing their media budget. Whilst cost is always a factor, it represents only part of overall value delivery. Continuing to focus on cost metrics alone for media will not address these issues. In fact there is strong evidence to demonstrate that it exacerbates the situation. Therefore it is important to look beyond media cost, towards issues such as transparency, value and performance.


As the media supply chain can be expansive, we are typically engaged across a wide variety of assessments including:

  1. An independent evaluation of the total media supply chain including agency remuneration, contracts and process for either campaign-based or always-on projects.
  2. An independent review of the digital-only media supply chain, including agency, programmatic trading desks, remuneration, metrics, contracts and the processes around ‘always-on’.
  3. An independent assessment of the overall media process to identify where media value is being lost, hidden or failing to be optimised.

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We provide a qualitative and quantitative approach to the review and assessment of your current media situation. This is usually through a series of one-on-one meetings or workshop groups alongside financial assessments of agency remuneration, review of first and third party contracts and a detailed process audit to prepare a report identifying where transparency can be improved, media value is being lost and where performance can be optimised for both the advertiser and the agency.

Because we are focused on media value and performance, TrinityP3 does not provide media auditing or media benchmarking. You can read more here.


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