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Resource Rate Calculators are your online agency remuneration calculator
Resource Rate Calculator Phone App lets you take the calculator with you
Ad Cost Checker checks the agency rates against industry costs
Agency Scope Monitor to agree fees against a scope of work



Newsletter 09 November 2016

Welcome to the 09 November edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Resource Rate Calculators are your online agency remuneration calculator

There are a lot of calculations associated with agency remuneration these days, such as billable hours per year, overhead and profit multiples, and converting salaries to hourly rates and hourly rates to salaries. You can do them all here with the calculators on the TrinityP3 Calculator page on our website. 

Check it out here.



Resource Rate Calculator Phone App lets you take the calculator with you

If you love our online calculators, you can also take them with you because TrinityP3’s world first agency remuneration business mobile app is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android. The Resource Rate Calculator is a free industry calculator designed to calculate resource rates such as head hour rates, annual salaries, overhead & profit mark-up, and annual billable hours.

Read more here.



Ad Cost Checker checks the agency rates against industry costs

Are you are an advertiser, marketer, procurement professional, or even an agency manager? One of the key issues that arises on a regular basis is the advertising agency costs and specifically the rates charged. TrinityP3 has been benchmarking and assessing agency fees and charges for more than a decade, and one of the areas of conflict is determining a fair and reasonable rate for those advertising services. This is why we have developed an online system called Ad Cost Checker.

Read about it here.

You can register to use the Ad Cost Checker system online here.



Agency Scope Monitor to agree fees against a scope of work

The value of the agency or marketing suppliers is in both the outputs they produce to deliver your marketing and advertising strategy, and the outcomes these deliver against that strategy. Therefore, to remunerate your agencies and marketing suppliers on value instead of costs, you need to be able to accurately define your requirements or scope of work and then calculate the fee that represents sustainable value for those outputs and outcomes. At TrinityP3 we’ve built a system that does just that called the Scope Monitor and Calculator, and you can read about how it works here.

Read more here.



Evalu8ing collaboration, engagement and performance

Evalu8ing is the only system that measures the collaboration of multiple teams or groups. We use these results and work with you to help improve the engagement of these groups to drive performance. Read about the ways many companies, organisations and marketing teams have used Evalu8ing to measure, manage and maximise their collaboration, engagement and performance.

Read more here.

Check out the Evalu8ing website here for more information on how Evalu8ing can help you collaborate.



Agency Register

The database allows agencies from around the world to register and create their own profile. The information they enter is held securely and confidentially. It is also completely searchable across all criteria. The system also allows TrinityP3 consultants to add notes, observations and updates on the agencies following their participation in a pitch or as part of our regular agency update meetings. This gives TrinityP3 an incredibly powerful resource and the agencies registered, an opportunity to win new business. 

Read about the information available on the Agency Register here.

If you are an agency or marketing supplier you can sign up for free here. 



Read all about them again here

Yes, technology is impacting all aspects of business and especially marketing. But it is interesting that there are very few search, pitch or marketing management consultants who invest in technology to innovate their processes to increase their utility or robustness. Many are using relationship survey tools that have been around since the last century, or are calculating agency remuneration and compensation using a calculator and a spreadsheet. 

Read all about these tech tools again here.



What’s Hot

Here are the most read, most shared and most commented on articles from the TrinityP3 blog in the past month:



Most in demand for this month

The TrinityP3 team helped a number of leading organizations in the month of October:

  • An international fashion brand worked with us to find themselves new creative partners.
  • Media negotiations were successfully managed for a leading national tourism business.
  • One of the Australia’s biggest car brands continued working with us to benchmark their remuneration structure.
  • A large provider of household goods asked us to quickly turnaround a market benchmarking report for the board meeting.
  • We supplied a 48-hour TV assessment for a global dairy producer.
  • An online trading house engaged us to align their digital marketing requirements.
  • Last but not least we worked closely with a global FMCG to implement an output based remuneration model for their digital agencies.

If you would like assistance or advice on any aspect of your marketing spend, contact us today for a confidential discussion.

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