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Do you have too many agencies on the roster? Watch Nathan Hodges on the couch talking Agency Rosters Is your team managing your agency roster? (Probably not) Hear the complex issue of ever expanding agency rosters Read why there is no best practice agency roster structure anymore

Newsletter 11 January 2017

Welcome to the 11 January edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Do you have too many agencies on the roster?

Welcome to 2017. First few weeks into the New Year and if you are already confronted with the enormity of delivering your marketing plan and the number of agencies you have to do it, then read on.

Too often we find that marketers end up with too many agencies simply because they are required to deliver too much. Spreading the marketing budget too thin across too many channels and activities is no way to get the results you need. But there is a solution.

Read more here.

Watch Nathan Hodges on the couch talking Agency Rosters

Got ten minutes to spare to find out about the issues with managing agency rosters? Perhaps while you have that first coffee for the day. Yes, your New Year resolution was to cut back on the coffee, but these ten minutes could save you hours of agency roster management headaches later, so reward yourself with a coffee and ten minutes to hear about the best ways to get that roster under control.

Watch here.

Is your team managing your agency roster? (Probably not)

Managing your agencies and managing your agency rosters is probably not top of your to do list. In fact, you are probably relying on your team to be doing this for you, right? After all, there are more important things to do than dealing with the disagreements between the various agencies.

But the fact is, it is highly unlikely that anyone on the team is doing it. Why? Because everyone is hoping that someone else is taking responsibility. When you get it right it makes life so much easier and much more productive.

Find out more here.

Hear the complex issue of ever expanding agency rosters

How big is your agency roster? We don’t mean just your media and creative agency, but all of your suppliers? That includes that little design studio that does all those quick and cheap jobs for you, that the agency never seems to get done in time or ends up costing a small fortune. It adds up.

One company we worked with had more than a thousand, but that was globally. Some markets even had more than twenty. It becomes a complex problem. In this Managing Marketing podcast we share some of the issues and techniques for solving these complex problems. Makes great listening if you are at the gym, running or driving to work.

Listen to it free here.

Read why there is no best practice agency roster structure anymore

Don’t you just love good advice? Especially from friends and colleagues. If you listen to the advice going around you should be trying to consolidate your agency roster to one full service agency. If such a unicorn existed that would be great.

But then others will tell you that you have to have a specialist SEO and SEM agency, plus a social media specialist and so on, so next you need a roster of specialists working together. The fact is, there is one roster structure that suits all.

There is, however, a best practice process for developing the ideal roster structure for yourself.

Read all about it here.

How many agencies do you need on your roster and how to get there?

To answer your question, “How many agencies do I need on my agency roster?” we will need less than an hour of your time to watch this webinar where we discuss just that question, and provide ways to developing an answer that is just right for you.

Of course, if you do not have an hour, you could speed read through the transcript of the webinar, which makes for informative and entertaining reading. If you are even more time poor, you have the option of going through the slides from the webinar on Slideshare. This will take you less than 15 minutes.

But no matter what your preference you can find then all here.

Case study – Automotive agency roster alignment

The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes, which reminds me there is left over Christmas pudding still in the refrigerator. In this case, the proof and the pudding is a case study on how we helped an automotive client develop their own roster model to align their agencies to their strategic marketing needs. It has been so successful that they are rolling the same process out across multiple markets. You can read about it here.

If this is not to your taste or requirements, let us know as we have a large selection of case studies we can share with you that are perhaps particularly suited to your needs or tastes.

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Most in Demand for this Month
The TrinityP3 team helped a number of leading organizations during the month of December:
  • A leading on-line fashion retailer asked us to run strategic development workshops to help prepare them for the future.
  • We continued to advise a major media player on how it’s pricing model compares with the industry.
  • A large car manufacturer asked us to assist with running an RFP for a retail digital transformation project.
  • We supplied financial agency benchmarking in India for a regional FMCG client.
  • One of Australia’s larger financial institutions asked us to review and advise on a new complex media arrangement.
  • Another major car manufacturer retained us to help with an e-marketing server tender
  • Finally, we helped a leading ASEAN FMCG identify decoupling opportunities throughout the region for their extensive broadcast production spend.

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