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In this issue Join the discussion: Is procurement an investment or an insurance policy? See how procurement can help unlock marketing value Listen to the podcast on the state of marketing procurement with Tina Fegent Discover ten ways marketing and procurement can bridge the gap Take this marketing procurement capabilities health check Logo

Newsletter 11 May 2016

Welcome to the 11 May edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Join the discussion: Is procurement an investment or an insurance policy?

Just as many people mistakenly think of marketing as a cost, other see the only role of procurement as an investment in cost reduction. But there is more to both marketing and procurement. Or is there? Read on here and join in the discussion by leaving a comment. Click here for more information…

See how procurement can help unlock marketing value

While procurement is often associated with a process of cost reduction, in actual fact there is a huge opportunity for procurement to help marketers unlock the value of marketing and promote this value throughout the organisation. The first step is to define the value of marketing by developing a methodology for calculating ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) But there is more that can be done. Click here for more information…

Listen to the podcast on the state of marketing procurement with Tina Fegent

Tina Fegent is a marketing procurement expert, based in the UK with both agency and advertiser side experience. Here on Managing Marketing, she discusses with Darren Woolley the state of marketing procurement and the trends she sees evolving. Listen to the podcast here.

Discover ten ways marketing and procurement can bridge the gap

Often there is a chasm that forms within an organisation between marketing and procurement. But Stephan Argent, President of Argedia Group and a founding member of the Marketing FIRST Forum shares ten ways this gap can be closed to the benefit of all involved. Click here for more information…

Take this marketing procurement capabilities health check

In many organisations, marketing procurement is a capability within the in-direct category and has limited resources or investment for what is a significant and increasingly complex spend. Here, David Little, a marketing procurement veteran provides a Health Check to assess the level of capability development in your organisation. Click here for more information…

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Join us at ProcureCon 2016 London on June 14 – 16 2016

ProcureCon Marketing is designed for heads of marketing procurement eager to grow their role and influence within the overall business. As the only conference bringing together 150+ procurement marketing decision-makers from Europe’s top marketing spenders, this is your one opportunity to benchmark your function against the best-in-class. TrinityP3’s very own, Darren Woolley, will be presenting  “The Rise Of Content Marketing: How Can Marketing Procurement Best Manage This Transformation” Where: London –  specific location details to come When: Tuesday 14 June 2016 to Thursday 16 June 2016 To register, click here If you book online before 29th April and use our exclusive discount code: 15TRINITYP3, you’ll receive up to £600 off the price to attend, so make sure to secure your place online here.

What’s Hot

Here are the most read, most shared and most commented articles from the TrinityP3 blog in the past month:
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  10. How to incentivise collaborative agency behaviour with performance based remuneration 

Most in Demand for this Month
During April marketers asked TrinityP3 to help in the following areas:
  • We helped a national industry body find the right PR and Design partners
  • Conducted a market search on behalf of a medical society in both Media and Creative disciplines
  • We continued the Global rollout of a new agency remuneration model for a FMCG in Japan & South Korea
  • One of the world’s largest online retail companies got a better understanding of their marketing relationship by using the evalu8ing system
  • Assisted a leading animal health business with a bespoke media agency pitch

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