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14 August 2019

Welcome to the August edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

There has been a recent industry call led by Matt Baxter, Global CEO of media agency Initiative to ‘ditch the pitch’ #ditchthepitch which we at TrinityP3 support as explained here, because the pitch is being used simply to drive down agency fees.

There is an alternative to these statutory pitches or reviews, which we explain here.

But this approach is not for everyone as there will still be times when the advertiser needs to go to pitch to select a new agency. But when those times arise, it begs the question “Do you include the incumbent or not?” We will answer that question here.

Should you include the incumbent in a pitch?

When reviewing their agencies, many advertisers ask if they should include the incumbent in the pitch process?
They usually express concern that if they do not then the incumbent will “drop the ball” on the account and that perhaps by including the incumbent in the process they can keep them in the process until the end and ensure their full focus and efforts throughout the process.After all, some pitches are known to take 12 or 14 weeks and the really poorly managed ones can take much longer.
This is a long time to have the business at risk, right? Read More here. 

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POLL: Should you include the incumbent in a pitch?

When going to market for a new agency it is very common for the advertisers or marketer to include the incumbent automatically in the pitch process. But in actual fact while this may appear on the surface to be the ’safe’ approach it comes with hidden risks and requires careful consideration. It can also places the
incumbent in a difficult situation, stretching their resource, as they defend
themselves against the new agencies invited to pitch while working to maintain
the delivery of their client’s work in progress. Read More here. 

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How do you pitch when you are the incumbent agency?

It sounds like the toughest gig in town. Your client has called a review of your agency – despite your best efforts – and you’ve been asked if you want to take part. You’re angry, scared and pumped in equal measure. You’re damned
if you do and damned if you don’t.What have you got to say that’s new? And if you do concoct something genuinely new, then how do you explain why you didn’t do all this new stuff before the pitch was called? Why are you in this pitch anyway? Read More here.

Most in Demand for this Month

The TrinityP3 team helped our clients on the following projects last month:

  • Assessed the marketing services processes and capabilities of a major Australian retail brand.
  • Developed a roster model for a finance services brand.
  • Helped a global hotel chain with a production assessment
  • Worked with a large government department to consolidate and improve agency relationships.
  • Completed a media agency assessment for a regional bank.


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