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Time to pitch your agency or not? And when it is the only answer The importance of a robust agency search & selection process Why not all agency pitch processes are equal The ROI of a TrinityP3 managed agency pitch 8 ‘less obvious’ reasons why agencies lose pitches

Newsletter 14 June 2017

Welcome to the 14 June edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Time to pitch your agency or not? And when it is the only answer

Pitching your agencies is time consuming and costly. It is not something to be entered into lightly. The concept of regularly going to market, even when your current agencies are performing well, is flawed and wasteful. Here we review the reasons you may have for pitching your agency and provide advice on why you should and should not pitch your agency-and what to do if you don’t need to pitch. Read more here.  

The importance of a robust agency search & selection process

In this podcast we discuss pitching and the reasons why it is essential to have a robust agency selection process. Just as the agency landscape has changed, search and selection techniques have evolved to ensure a more effective and efficient selection process.

Listen to more here.


Why not all agency pitch processes are equal

You may think a pitch is a pitch is an agency pitch. But you would be wrong. Just as there are different qualities of agencies there are different qualities of pitch consultants to manage and guide you through the agency selection process. The average marketer will perhaps be involved in a pitch every two to three years, but a quality pitch consultant will not only have experience, they will also have the expertise to match the pitch process to your specific needs. Read more here.    

The ROI of a TrinityP3 managed agency pitch

Pitches are time consuming. Depending on the size of the organisation and the number of stakeholders involved the process may take up to 800 hours from the marketing team during an 8 – 12 week process. So is it worthwhile engaging a pitch consultant? It depends if you have the time and expertise to manage the pitch appropriately yourself. Otherwise it is worthwhile understanding the value and return on investment of engaging a pitch consulting team like TrinityP3. Read more here.      

8 ‘less obvious’ reasons why agencies lose pitches

With every pitch process there will be a winner and a number of losers. For all the time, cost and effort invested by each participating agency, we ensure that every agency is given a detailed and constructive debrief. Here we provide some of the less obvious reasons we see for why agencies are unsuccessful. Read more here.


Kylie Ridler-Dutton on Pitch Process

What does it take to be a pitch consultant? There is a range of skills and abilities required, along with experience, expertise and a robust methodology to ensure you achieve a successful outcome. In this video we interview one of TrinityP3’s experienced pitch consultants on the couch and explore what it takes to deliver a successful pitch outcome for our clients. Watch it here.    

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Most in Demand for this Month

The TrinityP3 team has been helping our Australian as well as our international customers with the following projects in May:
  • One of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers had us manage an agency selection process in Asia
  • Again in Asia, a large FMCG client had us develop output based price modeling with their existing agency
  • A review and refinement of the tier two agency roster for an infrastructure company was finalized in May
  • Rate card assessments were in demand last month for a leading local car company where we evaluated the existing pricing for a publishing partner
  • We completed a strategic and structural review for a major educational institution
  • A large financial marketer engaged us to assess its roster model and marketing structure and processes

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