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 17 October 2018

Welcome to the October edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

While we have been incredibly busy sharing our insights with our
clients and our content with the industry, we had not noticed that
was getting a little out of date. Therefore we went to work on updating the
design to make the huge amount of content we have there, going back to January
2000, even easier to navigate.

There are almost 1,500 articles written by the TrinityP3 team over the
past 12 years, plus the books and publications, newsletters and more.

There is something for everyone working in marketing, media
and advertising, and it is now all available from our new homepage at
There are the solutions we offer to the six biggest challenges facing
marketing, access to the TrinityP3 blog, testimonials from our clients and agencies,
the monthly Industry Poll taking the temperature of the latest hot topic, plus
a huge number of resources for you to access and use.

Check it out. It is live now at

Let us know what you think of the new

TrinityP3 website design

A lot of time, effort and thought went into creating
this new website design for TrinityP3, but that does not mean we got it 100%
right. So we encourage you to check out the site at trinityp3.con and let us
know if there is anything we could improve or if we have overlooked a problem
that needs fixing.

Let us know here

The ROI of TrinityP3’s 300% website visitor growth explained

The last time we made significant changes to the website content we saw
a dramatic increase not only in website traffic to but also to
the leads and revenue generate via the website. We are hoping to have the same
success to report this time. Find out more here.


The Top 50 Marketing Management Posts of 2018
is coming

We are collating and publishing this year’s book, the sixth in the
annual series containing the top posts from the TrinityP3 blog.  This is your chance to complete your library
as if you buy any copy before November 11, 2018 we will include the new 2018 book

Get your book here

How TrinityP3 achieved 200,000 website visitors (and how you can too)

Last year we hit a milestone with more than 200,000
visitors to our site We are hoping that the new design will build
on this number, especially for those using mobile (as this site is not just
responsive, it is mobile-first and mobile-optimized) and it make it even easier
to navigate and access the huge amount of industry content on the site. Find
out more here.


Do you want to take your place On The Couch?

Each fortnight we interview industry experts
and professionals On the Couch at our offices in North Sydney. If you think you
have a contribution to make to the industry and want to be On the Couch:

Let us know

What’s Hot

Here are the most read, most shared and most commented on articles from the TrinityP3 blog in the past month:

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  5. What Comes First In Advertising, Channel Or Content?
  6. How Trinityp3 Helps Advertisers Find The Perfect Pr Partners – Four Case Studies
  7. Is The Problem With Agency Fee Benchmarking Simply A Matter Of Statistics?
  8. How Trinityp3 Customises The Pitch Process For Clients In A Hurry – Three Speedy Case Studies.
  9. Where Rfi & Rfp Often Fail To Deliver Results
  10. Addressability – Why Is It A Big Threat To Media Agencies?

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