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Concerned you are not achieving the results from your digital transformation? Needing help building a case for your marketing technology investment? Looking for the best technology solutions for your needs? Wondering if your technology stack is meeting your requirements?

Newsletter 18th October 2017

Welcome to the 18th October edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Technology is revolutionising marketing and marketing practice. Digital technology is core to the marketing process today. Automated marketing, data management platforms, customer relationship management platforms, demand side platforms, programmatic buying, content management systems, digital asset management and so much more. Plus there are new innovations and more technology options every day. It is incredibly complex, highly technical and specialised. Plus these are big-ticket items taking a huge bite out of the CapEx budget. Therefore getting independent, marketing technology-informed advice becomes essential. Whether you are just developing your technology strategy or reviewing your legacy technology stack to optimise performance, we can assist in maximising the performance of your technology investment. Read more here.  

Concerned you are not achieving the results from your digital transformation?

Are you planning or developing your technology transformation strategy? Or perhaps reviewing your existing technology implementation? Are you disappointed with your results to date and wondering if you are pursuing the right path? Technology and digital transformations are as much about the culture, strategy and structure as they are about the technology. We work with our clients and their technology partners internally and externally to review the transformation strategy and ensure that success is clearly defined and aligned to the overall business and marketing objectives. We identify any issues and considerations that perhaps have been overlooked and provide a totally independent view – rare in this category – on the best way forward. Read more here.  

Needing help building a case for your marketing technology investment?

Planning to invest in a technology solution? Trying to get CapEx budget approval for the technology investment? Or wanting to make sure you have reviewed all of the options available before you take the plunge? Most technology investments are significant and high profile expenditures within the organisation, which is why you want to get it right. We use our industry knowledge and benchmarking processes to develop a business case model for the technology solution you are looking to invest. As part of this process we can also assess if the solution is the right solution for your needs and can provide a quantified report on the benefits expected by the technology investment. Read more here.    

Looking for the best technology solutions for your needs?

Do you have a marketing technology need? Or have a marketing need that technology could solve? Are you confused on the technology options available? Or need advice on the suppliers and solutions available to you? Technology sales teams do a great job convincing you they have the perfect solution. We help find the right suppliers for your technology needs and manage the process to ensure you are able to make and independently informed decision on what is the best solution for you. Through this process we provide specialist knowledge and help sort through the promises with the realities and implications of each solution, including the implementation issues. Read more here.  

Wondering if your technology stack is meeting your requirements?

Are you working with legacy technology? Or is your technology stack limiting your options? Or unsure of your options on how to update or enhance you existing technology resources? As marketers are investing more and more in marketing technology platforms there will be issues arising from legacy technology and changes in technology requirements and opportunities. We review our clients’ existing technology resources and performance against their strategic requirements and provide independent advice and recommendations on any issues and define future technology requirements and opportunities. This provides the basis of the technology transformation strategy. Read more here.

Wanting to optimise the performance of your marketing technology?

Have you implemented a new marketing technology platform? Or inherited a technology platform and are concerned it is not fit for purpose? Or is it under-delivering the promised results? Technology solutions are sold as solutions but in fact they are simply enablers that require the right circumstances to deliver the promise. We review our clients’ current structure, resources and process to identify if the technology is optimally implemented within the organisation and across key stakeholder groups. We provide a detailed report on what needs to be done and recommendation on the steps and resources required to improve the technology performance to deliver the results desired. Read more here.    

Any of these marketing challenges keeping you up at night?

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