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In this issue Want a silver bullet for using data and digital agencies to drive better marketing performance? What are the biggest technology challenges facing marketing today? The importance of measuring performance in digital marketing Logo
Newsletter 21st February 2018
Welcome to the February 2018 edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Want a silver bullet for using data and digital agencies to drive better marketing performance? Looking for that silver bullet to solve your data and digital marketing performance? Look no further because it is a process of aligning objectives and strategy to your investments in capabilities, requirements and implementation. So where do your agencies figure in this silver bullet solution? Find out more here.      

What are the biggest technology challenges facing marketing today?

For eighteen years, TrinityP3 has been working with world-class marketers to solve a range of marketing, media and advertising challenges. These challenges have ranged from solving agency remuneration disputes to streamlining expansive agency rosters or implementing technology solutions, and in the past five years restructuring marketing functions and processes to deliver improved performance. So, what are the six biggest challenges facing marketers?

Find out more here.      

The importance of measuring performance in digital marketing

Some marketers are concerned that their digital marketing is not performing. On this Managing Marketing Podcast Luke Brown, CEO and co-founder of Affinity, discusses his approach to digital advertising and the importance of clearly defining business and marketing success upfront, developing a strategy and optimising the execution against that objective. Find out more here.  


The hottest digital disruption discussions at IBM’s Watson Summit Australia 2017

Last year’s IBM Watson Summit in Australia delivered some terrific insights for marketers and the industry. But what are the big digital innovations that are disrupting the market? TrinityP3 was there and we have distilled the top three hottest digital disruptions and provided our analysis on why you need to at least understand these and their impact. Find out more here.    

3 case studies on how we help optimise marketing performance through technology 

To use technology to deliver marketing performance you need a plan. TrinityP3 has worked with many marketers to review and implement their technology solutions to deliver the promised performance. But rather than just talk about it, here are three recent case studies where we have worked with marketers and their teams to assess and realign the performance of their marketing technology solutions. Find out more here.      

The importance of brands and branding in the digital age

Is there a place for brand building in a digital marketing strategy? In this Marketing Management podcast Simone Bartley, co-founder and CEO of Together Co, discusses the concept of brand and brand promise and its increasing importance to business in the digital marketing environment, and why brand is core to any business requiring the leadership of the CEO. Find out more here.      

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