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Newsletter 22nd August 2018

Welcome to the August edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Tom Skotidas on social media sales in B2B

Social media has two components – it is about building and developing social relationships and providing a medium to share and interact with ideas and content. But Tom Skotidas is focused on the former because it is the social aspects of social media that makes it the ideal way to develop sales relationships with B2B customers. 

 Why the CEO should be on social media
Social media is a terrific way for your organization to interact and build relationships with all of your stakeholders, from customers, to shareholders, to suppliers and employees. Who best to be the face of the company than the leader, the CEO? But so few CEO are actively building their profile on social media. Why is it so and what are they missing out on? 

High Profile Enterprises’ Mike Morgan On Social Media

High Profile Enterprises helps companies, including TrinityP3, raise their profile through strategies on content, SEO and social media. Mike Morgan shares his thoughts and recommendation on all of these topics and how individuals, brands and organisations can raise their profile. 

Jeff Bullas on digital, content and social media in marketing

Jeff Bullas has built a global reputation developing and delivering performance marketing and he shares his insights on digital, content and social media as a way of driving value and growth for business. Rather than seeing distractions and shiny new things, Jeff’s focus on delivering results has been applied to brands and his own business. 

The marketer’s guide to the many languages of social media

Want to maximize your effectiveness on social media? Then start by learning the language of each platform from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn, Twitter and more. For each platform Tristan Gray shares tips and advice on how to speak the language of the platform and its users. 

Sarah Delpopolo on Social Media Marketing and the Law

Social media marketing can be a minefield, especially from a legal perspective. From defamation to privacy, stalking and harassment and more. Luckily there is a lawyer who speaks social media, marketing and the law. Sara Delpopolo isn’t providing legal advice here, but she is giving you some general principles worth knowing to avoid social media trouble. 

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