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Wondering if your in-house agency is delivering value? Looking to transition an agency into your roster and want to get it right? Wanting to develop better ways for your agencies to engage and work together? Wishing there was a way to increase collaboration and performance from your agencies?

Newsletter 22nd November 2017

Welcome to the 22nd November edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

What happens when the rubber hits the road? The right building blocks, internal and external, are essential in starting the process of improving performance. But the delivery and implementation of marketing programmes represent crunch time. This is where inefficiency impacts directly on the power of your marketing budget. Is your marketing process and management efficient? Are you able to report outcomes with conviction and clarity, or are you drowning in data? We assess the strength of your implementation and delivery and work with you to eliminate waste and duplication and improve your results. Sometimes there is an underlying structural, contractual or process issue to be diagnosed and corrected. Other times it is simply a matter of fine-tuning the existing process to optimise performance. Read more here.  

Wondering if your in-house agency is delivering value?

Do you have in-house agency services? Are you considering bringing your external agency resources in-house? Are they delivering all of the benefits of being in-house including speed, agility and cost reduction? Are you monitoring and managing your in-house resources to ensure optimum performance? Often it is believed in-house agency facilities will naturally deliver benefits. But they require management. We work with organisations both to assess and benchmark the value and performance of their existing in-house services or we undertake a cost / benefit analysis of developing your own in-house agency service. Plus we can help monitor and manage the on-going performance to ensure you benefit from the performance improvement. Read more here.  

Looking to transition an agency into your roster and want to get it right?

Adding a new agency or supplier to your roster? Or are you replacing an existing roster supplier with a new agency or supplier? It can take three to six months completely to on-board a new agency, and that is simply transitioning the team and assets and engaging them and aligning them to your way of working. The transition process can be simple or complex depending on the volume of work and the tenure of the incumbent. We assist by managing the process and ensuring all of the intellectual property, digital assets and know-how is transferred to the new agency either from the incumbent or from the marketing team and the other agencies in the roster. Read more here.    

Wanting to develop better ways for your agencies to engage and work together?

How well do your agencies work together? Do you have a robust and agile marketing process? Do your agencies engage and collaborate to deliver high performance outcomes? Do you wish your go-to-market process was faster and more agile? We find that most advertisers do not have a consistent and defined process or a detailed set of performance expectations for their agencies. We work collaboratively with the marketing team and the roster agencies to detail the process and design opportunities for greater agility and performance by identifying and removing bottlenecks, duplications and waste. The result is a clear and agreed process with detailed roles, responsibilities and most importantly performance expectations for all stakeholders. Read more here.

Wishing there was a way to increase collaboration and performance from your agencies?

How well do your stakeholders collaborate? Do your agencies engage well with your internal teams and with each other? Are all parties aligned to delivering consistent performance and results? Contrary to popular belief, or perhaps wishful thinking, collaboration does not just happen. It requires effort and management.

Using the Evalu8ing system, we are able to measure, manage and maximise the level of collaboration, engagement and performance form your roster of agencies and your internal marketing stakeholders. With regular application our clients have reported significant improvement in roster performance.

Read more here.

Trying to find ways to improve your production productivity?

How much are you paying for your advertising production? Are your broadcast costs, digital costs, print costs reasonable? Are your agencies maximising the value of your productions where possible? Are risks associated with production being minimised on your behalf? Too often the end of the creative process is rushed and costs blow out along with the timeline. We work with our clients to assess their production processes and costs, identifying poor production processes and excessive costs. We also identify risks inherent in many productions and ensure the advertiser is fully aware of these risks and informed of the consequences as part of the assessment process. This could be looking at past behaviours, current productions or modelling future production opportunities. Read more here.  

Meet Michael Farmer – From Madison Avenue Manslaughter to a much needed Makeover

Award-winning author of Madison Avenue Manslaughter and TrinityP3’s USA Chairman, Michael Farmer is coming to Sydney and we have organised a time in his busy schedule to share with you his unique insights to the world of advertising and what lies ahead.

He will describe the key trends that have weakened agencies during recent years — and outline the steps that senior agency executives need to take to restore health to their organizations.

We have deliberately limited the numbers to give you a chance to ask questions during and after the talk, so please book early. 


Tue. 5 December 2017 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm AEDT


Doric Room, SMC Conference & Function Centre, 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Please make your booking here.

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