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Wanting to optimise your agency roster structure and performance? Looking for the perfect agency for your business? Time to renew and renegotiate your agency contracts? Needing help defining and managing your scope of work?

Newsletter 23rd August 2017

Welcome to the 23rd August edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

As the scope and definition of marketing continues to grow, it becomes harder for one group of people to ‘know it all’. Agencies have diversified over time, to meet demand for specialist services. The result can often be unwieldy agency rosters, un-checked process and underperforming relationships. Rather then just rationalise your roster, it is important to align it to your strategy to drive maximum performance from your roster. We can structure your roster, search and select the strongest agency partners, establish beneficial remuneration and incentive models, benchmark core performance outputs and assess relationships to deliver performance improvement from your agency teams and help you manage your total roster to maximise performance. Read more here.  

Wanting to optimise your agency roster structure and performance?

As your marketing strategy changes, have you changed your agency roster? Do you have the right number of agencies? And the right type of agencies? Or too many agencies? And are you and your team spending too much time simply managing the agency roster, time that could be better spent delivering marketing results? It is not enough to simply rationalise your roster, you need to optimise the value of your agencies by aligning these agencies to your strategic needs. We review your strategic needs and your current roster capabilities to deliver solutions for optimising performance. Read more here.   

Looking for the perfect agency for your business?

Looking for a new creative agency? Or a new specialist agency? Looking to go to market to replace an existing agency or add a new agency to your business? Or is it simply that the current relationship has come to an end? Considering the time and effort involved you want to make sure the process will be as thorough and robust as possible. No matter if you are looking for someone to provide you a list of suitable agencies (we have thousands on our database) or fully manage the tender process (from brief to appointment) or something in between, we can help you find the right agency in any discipline. Read more here.    

Time to renew and renegotiate your agency contracts?

Do you have contracts in place with all of your agencies and marketing services suppliers? Have you recently reviewed and updated your contracts? Do your team and the agency team know the terms and conditions defined in your contracts? Contracts define the terms and conditions of the relationship and expectations to protect both parties. Just as your needs change with your changing strategy, so do your requirements defined by your contracts. We review our clients’ contracts on a regular basis to ensure those contracts reflect your changing needs and provide protection to both the advertiser and their agency. Read more here.  

Needing help defining and managing your scope of work?

How do you define your scope of work for your agencies? Do you use your scope of work to focus your agencies to the task at hand? Do you allocate work across your agency roster based on scope of work? Is your agency remuneration linked to your scope of work? Defining and managing your scope of work is the easiest and fastest way to deliver greater value to your marketing budget. Scope of work is essential for being able to calculate and evaluate agency value. We work with you to develop ways to define and manage your scope of work to deliver maximum value from your agencies. No matter if you are campaign-based, always on or using an agile marketing process, we can drive greater value from your scope of work. Read more here.   

Interested in paying your agencies based on value and performance?

Are you paying your agencies based on their costs? Do you struggle with finding value in your agency retainers? Are agency remuneration discussions something you would rather avoid? The fact is that sustainable agency remuneration is essential for delivering high performing relationships. Rather than focusing on cost, we have spent the past decade helping marketers unlock the value of their agencies with value based and performance based remuneration models. These models align agency outputs to the brand and business value and the outcomes to performance. Read more here.

Wishing someone could just manage your agencies for you?

Do you carry out detailed reviews with all your agencies? Are these reviews quarterly, half yearly or annual? Are contracts and remuneration reviewed annually with each agency in the roster? Do you have a process for providing performance feedback to your agencies? Your roster of agencies needs to be managed to deliver maximum value. If you do not have the time or resources to manage your roster performance, we do. We manage agency performance reviews, scope of work definitions, agency remuneration and performance payments to ensure your agency roster is delivering optimal value and performance. Read more here.    

Any of these marketing challenges keeping you up at night?

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