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24 April 2019

Welcome to the April edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Why is advertising
production is the new cost focus for marketers

So what are the drivers that are
behind the latest focus on advertising production and why is it now that the
category appears to be getting disrupted? Well we can think of at least ten
things that have come together at this point to make this happen and here they
are in no particular order. Read more here.

Free Television Advertising Production

Governance Guide

The TrinityP3 ‘Television Advertising Production Governance Guide’ allows advertisers and their
organisations to identify quickly and conveniently the areas of risk to good governance
and due diligence in your television advertising production process.

Download free here.

17 ways advertisers
can make their advertising production more transparent

In light of the ANA Production
Transparency Report in the
US, and the growing trend for the ‘Big 6’ Networks to establish separate brands
for production services, here are our seventeen areas or principles for consideration when reviewing
your agency and production contracts. Read more here.  

Top 10 ways to
ensure transparency & accountability on all your
TV productions – Infographic

The television production process is technically
complex and often expensive, which is why it is important that the advertiser
ensures that the process, costs and outcomes are managed; not just to deliver
the best possible outcome, but also so that outcome is a cost effective one.

See the infographic here.

What could be the cost
of reducing your television production budget?

There is incredible pressure on
marketers to reduce their budgets, while increasingly taking responsibility for
delivering growth. This is passed on to their agencies to come up with bigger
and better ideas on smaller budgets. And finally production companies are asked
to produce these ideas for less money. Of course something has to give. Smaller
fees, lower margins, corners cut. But at what cost?
Here is an actual production
scenario based on fact. Read more here.

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Getting Value From Your TV, Film
And Video Productions

Clive Duncan is a Senior Production Consultant at TrinityP3
with years of experience in the film, video and television industry. Here he
shares his experience in production from all aspects and discusses the process
and what is required to deliver real value on to the screen from an advertiser,
agency and production house perspective and from his independent position as a
production expert. Read or listen to the podcast here.

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