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25 September 2019

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There has been a call from many in the industry for us to ditch the pitch. https://mumbrella.com.au/mat-baxter-blasts-the-dog-and-pony-show-pitch-process-urges-industry-to-ditch-it-and-bad-clients-583000 But is it we need to get rid of the pitch, and if so what should we replace it with? Or is it more about reducing the waste and abuse that often occurs when pitches are managed badly? As pitch consultants for almost two decades we have managed great pitches that have led to successful, long term, productive relationships. But we are also aware that in the past decade the pitch has been used to simply drive down prices by treating agencies not as vendors but as commodities. We have always maintained that a pitch is the last resort due to the time and cost for all involved, but we also think there is a viable alternative to the pitch first and solve the issues later.

Pitching: The problem is not the game, it is the rules.

New business is a game. There are winners and losers. And the most competitive manifestation of this game is the agency pitch. Like all good games it has a set of rules for both sides in the game – the agencies and the advertisers. But the increasing industry call to ‘ditch the pitch’ is not because the game is wrong, but because people are not playing by the rules. Rather than tossing out the pitch process, what we should be doing is making sure the players stick to the rules of the game. Read more here.

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Why ‘no pitch’ is better than pitching for everyone involved

Most agencies, and perhaps a few advertisers, would know TrinityP3 as a pitch consultancy. However, of all the work we do, managing pitches is less than one fifth of our business. But in fact, we regularly find ourselves doing more work to avoid an advertiser pitching. While this is good news for an incumbent agency, it is a lost new business opportunity for everyone else. But the fact is avoiding the pitch is better for all those involved including advertisers, procurement, the incumbent agency and even us. Read why here.

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Why you do not need to pitch your agencies every three years

There is a trend in marketing for accounts to be put to market at the end of the contract period to test the market. One of the unforeseen consequences of this is that it is more likely for the account to move than remain with the incumbent, with the success rate for the incumbent to retain the account at just 20% but usually associated with a reduction in the agency fee. Find out how here.

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